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Jul 18, 2004
He’s been excellent in the last 2 months. Really please to see him starting to show the undoubtably potential he has. Strong, good on the ball, quick and technically gifted. Absolutely what we need for our midfield. Keep it up Rabiot!


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Sep 2, 2018
Our mid is probably complete.
Bentan Arthur rabiot
Ramsey (locatelli) Matuidi

I don't belive the jorginiho rumors.
That midfield is “only” good. It’s still missing that x-factor to compete with the very best. Personally, I’d make 2 marquee signings in that area while completing offloading the likes of Matuidi, Khedira & Ramsey (who I think is a decent player but just doesn’t fit and is perennially injured).


Jul 27, 2015
Keep this guy, as moody as he is, he's a good asset to have. The plusvalenza we can make off him is not worth it, you're not going to buy Pogba or SMS with it
Yeah, especially as we have plenty of others to offload before even thinking of Rabiot, for example we can plusvalenza on Ramsey this mercatto and obviously let’s not forget we already offloaded Emre Can for the very same reasons.

I really don’t see him going anywhere tbh, not this summer at least.


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Sep 20, 2011
I'm not convinced he's a Juventus definite starter player level.

But he certainly showed he can be in the pack, fighting for a place. Definitely on the left, never on the right.

U Picciriddu

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Jun 16, 2020
Insane to realize how much fitness levels can drop without playing, even without being severely injured. He was a slow dinosaur at the beginning, and now looks very fit and a lot faster. Him not playing a lot in 2019 is one of the reasons that he still has the legs to reach a high fitness level at this moment.

If he continues like this next season he’ll give the next signing a hard time for a starting place in the line up, as he has characteristics most managers love.

Overal very happy that we have him, considering that we only had to pay of his mom.
Feb 12, 2006
I'm really please Rabiot is actually starting to show what I appreciated about him at PSG. Admittedly I didn't like his body language or attitude prior to the restart which made me feel he had to go, but he's really added what this midfield has lacked this season, he's got his bite and grinta back which was sorely missing till now and has been arguably one of the best players for us since the restart. I just hope Ramsey can do the same, although he's just been unlucky with injuries and needs consistency.

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