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May 29, 2005
We have no idea which kids Paratici, Cherubini and co are looking to buy until they are done, I suppose.
I'm OK with that. Keeps players off other clubs radars and doesn't pressure either side into changing terms of the deal or something like that.

Three kids aged 19. That's a message right there IMO. We continue to push he average age down or at least are out there scouting (USA, France, Italy, etc).

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@JuveJay how did you confirm his spot on U23? Is he going from first team Nantes to U23 Juve?

:edit: looks like he going from B team there to U23 here.


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Mar 6, 2007
In the highlights he reminds me a little of Matuidi :shifty: Looks more like a LM than a LW, you can see how he might end up as a LCM. In fact he has the #8 jersey on a few times. Can't see at all how he is supposed to have played as a CF.

Looks better on the ball and faster than Matuidi but makes up for lack of real quality with hustle and energy. The sort of wide man who powers past people rather than beating them with skill.

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