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Dec 17, 2007
I really like him and wish we use him more
Same here. Likeable guy and a very good player who, when fit, adds goals and energy to our midfield.

He was starting to get hit his stride just before the virus hit. Hopefully he gets back into shape soon and we can call upon him in these next couple of months.
Genuine guy, hard worker and a quality player when fit like you said. Hopefully he can keep it up now, he's the only midfielder we have that can really link the midfield and attack.


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Dec 31, 2002
I really like him and wish we use him more
He has been used at a position he shouldnt had - then he played in central midfield and he was actually quite good.
Our top 3 (considering situation pre-coronavirus) - Matuidi Bentancur Ramsey
Matuidi because we need someone who runs non stop and bother opponents even if there are players (not at our club) who can do it much better..
Bentancur because he is currently our best midfielder
Ramsey because he is decent and competition is not strong enough (Bernardeschi isnt natural and isnt even great at his natural position, Pjanic lost his passion for the game, Khedira needs a walking stick at his age and Rabiot the really talented dude who doesnt want to work hard...

The truth is - Midfielders from clubs that are not Barcelona Real City and PSG should want to join us as they could easily walk into our starting lineup and even become a star midfielder at one of the 5 most desirable teams in the world..


Apr 12, 2009
Meh, likeable guy but really lacks the fitness and consistency to make impact over the course of a season. Useful is what he is, but I really hope we aim higher than someone that is 'useful'


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Mar 6, 2007
He randomly gets linked away every couple of months, but from what I've seen in his desire to do well here, he'll do at least a couple of seasons here. It's a shame this season is being adjusted to fit into a window. He was always going to be one of the first casualties.

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Dec 23, 2012
Quality was never in doubt, early on when he was playing behind the strikers he was bad, but thats not on him, its not his position, he works much better in the midfield, he can always get up and score but the issue is if he is available enough to be able to do that, if he gets a solid run of games with no niggles then he will prove himself.

Matuidi - Bentancur - Ramsay is our best midfield atm


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May 11, 2005
I like him and think he adds a goal threat from midfield that really only Khedira can provide. Similarly I like Costa as he brings something nobody else brings to the squad.

However, we have to consider how long we are willing to put up with their injury issues, especially given their salaries.
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Jun 9, 2012
You can't sell everyone though. Must keep is only Bentancur for me but the second one would be Ramsey I think. He's shown glimpses of good game and actually understands what is expected of him (as long as he plays as B2B).

The rest should go but that's easier said than done.


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Aug 8, 2006

Once in a while I come back to this thread (and others) to remind myself that we actually signed this player because of the purely idiotic transfer strategy we operate on.

  • Zero alignment with the head coach
  • Zero understanding of squad requirements
  • Zero foresight on how it enables/disables future transfer ability and position

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