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Jan 31, 2003
Yeah suddenly the freebies are fuckin key to us. They were meant to be icing on the cake.

Market isn't over but yeh i hear ya.


Mar 30, 2003
We are being patient with him which is understandable no need to rush him back for a needless friendly if we want to keep him fit.


Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002
He was in 11 years in Arsenal, he loves the club, he aint gonna be resting when he was healthy and can help the club.


Mar 6, 2003
Better be the second coming of Ronaldinho because most of my hopes are now on him to produce magic next season.
Feel exactly the same. All my ofefensive hopes on the midfield are on this man.

Please stay injury free, pleaseeeee. I will not withstand another season of khedira and matuidi waiting to come in.

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Lol, he joined his FIRST training session in many months just this week, and you expect him to be called up?
Lol yeah was thinking like wtf?

Come on peeps

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