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Jun 12, 2005

How long is he saying he has been sober for? :howler:
Mate, I’m speechless :lol:

This guy is a card or what.



Mar 23, 2015
I see he is upping his defensive game.
during the 2013-14 season, he averaged 3,3 tackles per games in the league and 3,7 in the cl. the current best defensive midfielder of the league, allan, makes 3,6 tackles per games.

ramsey can defend if asked to.


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Dec 31, 2002
Bentancur Ramsey Pjanic is a decent midfield. (Still need someone better though.)
Ramsey is certainly an upgrade but.. no.. still not decent...
Pjanic is past it while Bentancur is usually overrated in this forum (although now he is being underrated these days..)
Bentancur is a 6.5 type of player with potential of 8
Pjanic is 8 while he can move to 7 or 9 depends on season form
Ramsey is a 7.5 although I believe he`ll be an 8 for us

Still missing the 9+ type of player - I sound like a broken record but if we want the best we need to go for Pogba
Pogba Ramsey Pjanic or even Pogba Ramsey Matuidi/Bentancur - Now this is a whole new level of midfield...

I believe we will get Isco so who knows maybe we will play him as some sort of Iniesta - Its definitely a position he can play in..

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