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Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002
Way to injury prone imo to bother signing. But on his day is a fairly class all around midfielder.

In Juve terms, he is more like a bit more attacking creative Marchisio, while not being as defensively sound.

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The Guv'nor
Jun 12, 2005
Tidy player. Not too flashy. Nice little box to box player. Would fit in well here. But we’re in the money these days so be interesting to see if we have bigger fish to fry and leave the odd free scraps for poor Bepps to feed on at Inda.


Senior Member
Apr 25, 2013
Been wanting him as a realistic option for Jan since Sept, but rumors for summer.

Would be good as Khedira replacement.

Sturaro/Cuadrado good enough as 6th CM option for rest of the season?
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