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Jul 25, 2001
I kinda passed 20k without noticing it (god how sad) and instead of doing one of those flattering dedications; I decided to name flaws of everyone that pops into my head. Flaws that I think deserve to be pointed out cause they're real and extremely annoying. So behold; your own name could pop up:

Martin - Gotta start with the president. You should never have updated the forums; the first version looked much better. The 60 second rule is really annoying and I think I deserve to be made an exception after 20k. The avatars are too small, so are the signatures and the attachments. In short; don't give up your day job yet.

Graham - What the fuck are you doing here if you have girlfriend? I find your occasional bible quotes really offensive and I would like to see you just come up from behind that façade you've pulled up where you act funny in an attempt not to reveal your real self. Also; picking on people who are not as lingually skilled as yourself is not funny and I doubt Jesus likes it.

Andy - Stop being a stereotype American - we all know that's not who you are and that the stereotype probably doesn't even exist. You are not always the victim, nor is your country. The long hair looks terrible and stop posting pictures where you look like a heroine addict.

Bürke - Quit being stupid or go away.

Tom - Thank god you quit your moderator job.

Fabiana - You are not as hot as you think you are.

Liliana - Your posts are incredibly conflicting. Stop being a hypocrit.

Stuart - Stop being arrogant, you're still a kid.

Don Bes - One liners can be good, but not from you. You don't use 'm well so stop being lazy or improve.

Zlatan - Misplaced arrogance is unattractive; so are beards.

Majed - Stop stealing avatars.

Ian - The amount of travels you've made does not automatically equal the amount of wisdom you possess. You are not always right; admit it when you're not. Just for once.

Nick - Again; misplaced arrogance is unattractive. Nick against the world? Most of us don't give a shit who you are and what you think. The fact that your plea to be made a moderator on this board failed so horribly should have given you a clue what's going on with you here; instead you resort to some sort of anti-milanista, anti-you conspiracy. Grow up.

Fliakis - You are not a sex god.

Emma - You are not cool and only midly funny.

Kürvengefluster - You try too hard.

Miss Dubai - Stop trying to get youself involved in every discussion.

Kiran - You've been to Miami, had lots of parties, girls, alcohol and what not and now that you've left you miss it. We get. Stop whining prettyboy.

Padovano - The shoe wanking joke is not funny anymore. Drop it.


There, deal with it :D

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Oct 21, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Erik ] ++
Miss Dubai - Stop trying to get youself involved in every discussion.
oh you are mistaken..i dont do that!i am the centre of each discussion without TRYING to get myself involved in any but thanks for the mention dearo0!:D


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Oct 30, 2001
I'm not sure you want to be congratulated (or deserve to be after that terribly offensive tirade of abuse :p )

But here's to another 20 :D

notice thats 20, not 20k ;)
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