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Oct 1, 2004
Whew 2K posts at last, I have reached 2K posts without being branded a spammer (at last!!!!!), and most importantly, getting respect from fellow members. It's interesting to share ur views with other fans in here. I'm very happy to be here and hope I can make my stay permanent. Anyway here's a few ppl whom I wanna thank.

Martin A very big thanks to the President or the Boss for this wonderful site...Anyhow thanks Martin for what you have achieved without you we wouldn't be here.... :thumb:

Qaterminator, Sarah Fellow Singaporean Juve fans. Cheers. :)

Jeeks For having an interesting smiley + a cool signature

Gandalf Despite having a few arguments recently, ur a great guy. U did a wonderful job in handling StrikerMania. Cheers! :thumb:

Loppan, Arif, Roman, Ramin + Forza Juve (Sorry lazy to type the code) Fellow competitors in StrikerMania. Thanks to u guys this game is still active. :):)

Juve_Kosova Juz love his "I ****ING HATE THE ****ING 60 SEC RULE" post every time we score a goal. :D

Vinman Although he's a pessimistic, but he gives quite a realistic layout of how we play after every game. We need some1 like him to criticize our team. I think that is capello were to read his post, he may have made the necessary amendmants, and I meant it. :)

Lilianna Sweetes girl ever...without you it's dead here and i meant it..

Desmond A fellow Singaporean Juventus fan who is obviously a bright guy. Cheers mate. If possible we can meet sometime. :D

Dukevoneggwaffle? Thanks for asking about me when I was sorrow at 1 time, I hope u can return asap. :)

Amr Oh man where r u? Kinda miss the fun we had when we played StrikerMania together. And ur "Not a very good round for me, I only scored n points. :wallbang:

Elnur_E65 ...a very cool guy. Good to hang out with :)

gray A wonderful guy who reaches 20K posts and makes the forum active. Cheers man! :)

Stuart You can never know he's 15...He can convince anyone when it's about a debate or a topic....I admire u and Desmond, at least r even matured than those > 22 year old gaming pricks who complain so much :thumb:

Erik I never had the opportunity to know him, but usually am reading his posts, kinda like them and it's good to have an old member here..:D:)

Paolo_Montero A good mod...Cheers mate..:)

Don Bes This guy can make u laugh by suddenly twisting the topic. Anyway good job man :thumb:

Dominic For supplying good sources of info for our transfer target .:)

Nicole A mad Roma fan. ...Nicole am happy your here, having a Man utd and Roma friend is great...Continue to irritate us with news from Roma/Manure :D:D

Andy, Denco, Ian These 3 ppl can debate with almost any1, and their opinion r enough to swallow u if there's an argument or juz voicing their opinion. :thumb:

IncuboRossonero One of the smartes members i have ever met IMO now some of you might disagree here, but Nick is great member, and i hope we'll always see him around... :D:D

Kurvengefluster IMO the greatest Moderator in this Forum..... :)

Zlatan Ur great man! Keep it up! :)

azzurri7 Deserves to be mentioned as well. Typical DP fan who will fight all criticism to defend his favourite player. Anyway the forum is active becos of ur presence. :)

DelPieroForLife Wonderful guy to get along with :)

Burke 1 look at his posts, and I wonder how his keyboard survived. Anyway good job man keep it up! :D :D

David Del Piero Freakiest member here who come up with many funky formations. Anyway good job man keep it up! :thumb: :D

Tino For supplying pictures of u and Juve players Good work man.

swag A wise man who has his own views :D.

Majed Wise man, and I really respect him.:)

Sid This guy is cool...he doesn't post too much unlike us, thats what special in him....:)

Baggio Another wise man. Good to have u around :thumb:

chxta Good to have u around as well. :D


I think there are some names i forgot to mention i apologize i just can't remmber all of them...

Oh yea forget to mention becos of everybody, this forum has become very active, with discussion about players and new topics to discuss. It's interesting for me to meet Juve fans from all around the world and discuss anything about Juve. Hope that everybody will be active here and Juve to clinch the CL + title this sesaon!

Forza Juve!!!!!

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Jul 28, 2003
congrats Zhixin.. :)

your fingers must be aching right now.. thats one long dedication thread you made.. :D a great one too..

thanks for the mention..


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Nov 10, 2003
++ [ originally posted by ZhiXin ] ++
Sid This guy is cool...he doesn't post too much unlike us, thats what special in him....:)
I could have swear I saw this one before...:D

congrats anyway dude, hope you'll stay for many years to come;)


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Mar 9, 2004
Well done mate, even though i had no mention.

Congrats anyhow.. Your dedication is really similar to azzuri7 somehow

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