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2013 Prediction Cup Champ
Jul 16, 2002
Hey guys,

I've never really counted, but I figured that you have to keep some milestones to keep things interesting !!!!

First of all, thanks to Paul - for keeping me open-minded !!!!

Denco- who's soccer analysis I always look forward to reading

Martin- Who has the BEST forum on the net, helping introduce me to several other Juve fanatics around the world, where we can talk about the Bianconeri 24/7

Nekton- thanks for all the video's and commentating !!!!!

Nina- I'm still wondering what you look like !!!!

Big Izz- My American brother, we may disagree sometimes, but if I ever seen you out in Jersey, I'd definitely buy you a beer (o.k. maybe a few !!!)

Tom,Vitoria, Mate, Robybaggio10, Majed,Buffon, Dpf, L,Platini, Juvenyang,Jaansu, Febrina,Rickenbacker2, Erik.P, Sivorni, Nick,Sarah,hoshi......THANKS TO ALL YOU GUYS FOR MAKING THIS FORUM WHAT IT IS !!!!! If I forgot anyone, sorry, there are just TOO many names to remember !!!!!

Lastly, I want to say thanks to Lisa a.k.a. Jules, who I , and many others, miss a lot !!!

Finally, I want to say thanks to the roughest , toughest guy I know, who can take a beating, AND KEEP COMING BACK ........ SAGHA !!!!!!! Thanks pal !!!!

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