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Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
Martin aka Alex - obligated to mention you being the
president and all haha :D since the beginning ive always
had a feeling that you hated my ass for some reason but
now i know thats just your personality :D i remember back
when juventuz was like small as hell and it grew to
include like dp zone and zizou planet and then on to
buffononline, nedved online, and all- hell xtratime aint
got nuthin on juventuz(maybe besides our name sounding a
little bootleg ;))

Erik aka Matto - preferred your old handle- "ErikP" was a
classic. like you. imho u used to be cool man....now youve
changed....youve gotten a lot cooler.

Tom aka Paolo_Montero - how the fvck do you got such a
mammoth post count when i never even see u post :D (i
think we have a closet buffon fan here ;)) great man whos
always on the dl- respect that.

Deej aka discobamba - man what can i say? the original
madbwoy on the forums ;) :D you need to teach denco and
the boys to have fun :D and however shockingly intelligent
your quality posts may be i respect u for bringing
insanity to a whole new level :D

Ian aka Rickenbacker2 - hmm where do i start? you have
possibly the most objective outlook on life out of all the
people i have encountered. and thats something i wish to
attain one day. quality poster who's recent acquisition
(;)) seems to have made him a lot more cheerful. its great
having you around

fahad aka dpforever - remember you from way back. we never
talk cuz ur never around but your handle's always struck
me as cool. ur posts have a coolness to them as do your
avatars. class man.

Hydde - fvckin insane man. all i can say :D
hydde i dont quite have the words to describe you :D but
you've got respect from me you know that :D

Magnus aka Nekton - mr
"hey-i-got-all-the-videos-of-the-goals" want to see u post
more. all i remember of u is that ur handle reminded me of
medication :D

Majed - man i wish you'd let go of the feud and all i know
how much of a bastard i was i just wish you'd get over it
and get back to us being cool. will you accept my olive
branch? your a great guy and all and i wish youd just
forget it all

Stu aka -Fantasista - fvck man for a toddler you sure talk
big :D jk you certainly know a lot fer ur age and im sure
your smart as hell. your a cool little man with some great
contribution to the forums.

OdED aka Edgar Davids - what do i say? whatever you change
ur name to you are oded. obscure but you kinda hit me from
outta nowhere. thats a compliment btw ;)

Max aka JKane - post more choir-boy :D this man had like
one of the largest post counts on the forums back then :D
and was quality too

fabiana-juve - ur cold. but sweet. kinda like breyers ice cream in
fact ;) ur a fun person whenever your around. your way too
calm and collected. loosen up more!

Paranoia - *dramatic suspenseful music* then again- who the
fvck are you??? what was ur name before it was paranoia??
dammit man i wish i got to talk to you more...

Aragorn - juvex ur a real bastard for fighting with snoop
and all and busting trez's balls for nothing. but i
respect ur contributions. peace man :)

Paul aka Shadowfax - one of the quality posters, arguing
and debating and all. never had the time to read ur
arguments but i look forward to a time when i can debate
with you about something. respect.

Greatest Of All Time - your the weird one. what the hell
are you??? whatever it is your funny :D

Karlberg aka Kaliman - juventuz,dk eh? ;) id like to see
more serious posts from you kaliman. i just feel you have
a lot to contribute.

denco - what can i say? quality all the way your posts.
respect u for not running away from this place thru its
dark patches and all. we can have intelligent
conversations here too :D

snoop- why the hell do u have so much in common with me man?? :D respect. post more and be nicer to people :D

gray - do you have msn? id love to have theological
discussions with you. you are fun ni gai tu. :D

torkel aka tarmpropp - respect man. i love your avatar.
your all laid back and calm and cool and nice like. are
you like an air host-person or something?? :D

Ali aka DaJuve - bwana! i respect you a whole lot and its
not just cuz i like that sukumawikki haha :D you seem to
have great maturity in your posts.

Glenn aka Zizou - i never read ur posts sorry :D lol good
stuff you bein at soccerage tho ive always looked up to
people who write be it articles poetry books whatever.

Greg - great man your like way too slick to be street but
thats cool :D would like to see your innate passion for
dance music transform into a hobby or something. ever
thought of djing? you really should.

mate - man i know the root of your whole del piero-baggio
controversy. mate you have passion. the others have logic.
how bout you guys just agree to disagree and live happy
lives?? :D

Fli aka Fliakis - insane doesnt quite describe this man!!
he is the embodiment of chaos and is the essence of taoism
:D i love you fli ;) hahaha!! you really are a great
person to talk to when your serious.

John-Ali aka John #10 - another work of class. the john
game kinda fvcked but its aite we got the people hyped at
least :D

Vinman - never really got the chance to talk to you much
but i really would like to talk to you more. wish you'd
have popped by ian's. respect.

Roverbhoy - ur like an immigrant here a non juve fan on
juventuz :D really love ur spirit and would like to see u
round more often!

USA Juventini - wow youve been here like a couple weeks and
youve really made an impact here. loved your photos. your
someone id like to see post more often. we need more yanks
on here :D

the following are great people from what i know and id

like to see them post more in the future:
Matt aka BigIzz
Anna Febrina
Jack aka jaansu
Sarah aka -S-
Mac aka McFarlando
Kiran aka K10
suzanne aka Bongiovi
Pad aka Padovano
gonjonbovi aka SpeD
angelique aka Paty
salihah aka sallyinzaghi

and last but certainly not least the buffon fans that i miss so sorely :down:

edit: BAGGIO to the like to see post more list :D

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Bedpan racing champion
Jul 25, 2001
Well, you've certainly put time and effort into this one, haven't you? :dazed:

Congratulations and do stick around. :thumb:

Oh, and btw: what's that new avatar? On second thought, forget it, I don't want to know :D;)


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Apr 24, 2003
++ [ originally posted by [LAC] ] ++

fabiana-juve - ur cold. but sweet. kinda like breyers ice cream in
fact ;) ur a fun person whenever your around. your way too
calm and collected. loosen up more!
if i knew what kind of ice cream that was i guess would understand. :)
congrats dude and thanks for the mention hope i loosen up more


Jul 15, 2002
++ [ originally posted by [LAC] ] ++
Ali aka DaJuve - bwana! i respect you a whole lot and its
not just cuz i like that sukumawikki haha :D you seem to
have great maturity in your posts.
Monster effort dude :eek:
Congrats :thumb:


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Apr 3, 2003
congrats lac...

even though you didn't even mention my name and i thought we were friends,

but it doesn't matter!!
we had good time together and i wish you to reach as many posts as possible and your dreams about juve to fulfill....



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Jul 28, 2002
congrats man, cheers for the mention...lol we did get a bit of hype didnt we:D

Btw keep posting, and take it easy dude:cool:


f(s+1)=3((s +1)-1=3s
Jul 12, 2002
Congratulations Josh! Even though you're wacky as hell you're a respected and important member, I'm glad you're here.

Thanks a lot for the kind words :)


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Apr 22, 2003
Thanks dude, and yes I do have MSN, [email protected] (my friends call me that cos i'm nuts about juve ;))

Keep it up dude, I'm glad u changed ur avatar... old-school 3D...things aren't my...thing :confused:

Take care :D


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Oct 1, 2001
5000 posts, well done- you sure have been busy lol. "Way to slick to be street, i can live with that hehe. I've done a little hip hop djing but i doubt i'll do dance mixing.

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