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Jul 17, 2002
Hello everyone, I've reached 2k posts. Phew, t's a long and winding road :D
I'd like to dedicate this to:

Don't know what to say, you're very kind and it such pleasure being a member of this forum. Thank you, chief :)

You're a great girl, speaking so many languages and a Pippo fan who never lose the smile :)

You're speaking so many languages too :D Too bad in my country we can't watch Holland Eredivisie. But you're doing good at it, keep it up mate :thumb:

You bring a unique stuff here....humour and brain.....hehe cool!:cool:

Words can't describe you best.....you're so sweet!:angel:
Glad to see ya back!:)

DJ Juve:
Kata yang tepat untukmu adalah "gila" :D but you know what, this forum is never be the same without you :) Good to see you around ;)

Seorang teman dari negeri seberang, Singapore.
Aku tidak melihatmu akhir2 ini, come again....dan kita bisa cerita2 tentang Real Madrid dan Sandro Nesta :D ;)
Btw, Camoranesi fan site is cool :thumb:

Thanks for bringing great stuff on WRC talk :cool:, good to see you around too :)

Iulia+Fabiana+Stu: My fav posters ;) I enjoy every minute reading your posts, you're football guru! :thumb:

One of the coolest poster here! Captain Tsubasa rocks!:cool:

You're a Nedved fan who's pretty damn fast on posting too :D
Keep it up man :thumb:

No matter what your nickname is, you're still a fabulous guy here :)

I miss your Fru avatar, man :D:cool:

I read your posts and I see the positive side in you. :)
please come again ;)

I like Nedved Online, you're doing great job there, mate :thumb:

.....and also to all juventini in this forum: ikp_Azzurri, Loppan, Paulo, Nekton, Gigi's twin, Alessandro10, Elke, Nelly, Sunshine, Mate, Fahad, Glen, Silvia, Aca, Hoshi, Paranoia, ManU visitor, Darin, Torkel, Evelyn, Anastacia, Vinman, Nosubstitute959, Redangel, Lilianna, DJ Anna and all wonderful people in Juventuz forum, it's nice to see you all here :)

To Lisa, Igor, Dockny, Nowhereman a.k.a Nguyen Thai Binh, HH Dura, Big Izz and Reza...wherever you are, hope you'll visit us again.:)
Pardon my english btw ;)


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Apr 24, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Febrina ] ++
Iulia+Fabiana+Stu: My fav posters ;) I enjoy every minute reading your posts, you're football guru! :thumb:
wow! i didnt know that! :cheesy:
congrats!!! youre a really nice person hope to keep seeing you here!


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Jul 17, 2002
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    ++ [ originally posted by dj juve ] ++
    smashing :D congrats ana, been a pleasure knowing u ;)
    Thank you deej :)

    nasib tak brapa ramai org kat sini faham apa u ni cakep ;)
    Kamu penasaran ya?
    Kata orang ni aku kaya Siti Nurhaliza, u kenal die kan?:D;)
    Tapi aku rasa tidak juga :D

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