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Mar 26, 2003
Hey guys,

After we won the scudetto yesterday, i decided to make this video while we were all hyped up about it. I didnt have that much photos but i worked with what i had. If you have any pics to add post them up and ill try to add them.

The movie is 1.5mb so i might take some time to load....


Give me your comments and suggestions

And i also need more pictures of Juventus Legends for the other video I am making, so if you have any good stuff tell me about them, it would be appreciated.


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Feb 18, 2001
Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! :touched:

If you need more pics go to the topic Il Campioni D'Italia where we posted probably all the pics that could be found on the net :)


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Jul 17, 2002
Great Job there! :thumb:

BTW, juvenli, the song is: "Graduation (Friends forever) - Vitamin C"

One of my favs :touched: ...the song was released around the time i graduated from High school :touched:


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Dec 31, 2000
Persian, I really like your flash! I would like to add it to the site here if possible, to go with other scudetto material I plan to publish. :)

And since you have that "presented by" credit there should be no doubt who made it. :cool:

Mayood, the song is makes good use of J.S. Bach's "Air" ;)

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