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Sep 2, 2002
I thought hard about this dedication, what with it being my first an' all. And I thought, I want to mention everyone who makes my time here so enjoyable. But more than that, it seems appropriate to mention the players whom without which there would be no point being here in the first place. But absolutely most of all, this post dedication is to:

Pavel Nedved for his absolutely wizardry and selflessness in bringing Juve so far this season, without being able to entirely experience that glory himself. More than anyone, Neddy deserves praise and recognition this season.

Then, to all of the wonderful people here:

Alex - for running the greatest source of procrastination I've ever come across, and always keeping things here great :)

Majed - for always beating sense into me :D:flirt:

Ali - my first Juve correspondant :touched:

Vitoria - for being wonderful all the time :kiss:

Erik - for numerous things, including being the only other Kommissar Rex fan I ever met :D

Magnus - for singlehandedly requiring me to get a bigger hard drive :)

Denco for razor-sharp insight and wit :cool:

Sarah - for being super-sweet and bringing Camo to the front of my mind :kiss:

Tom - for keeping my expectations ever-realistic :)

DJ - for the madness :D

Lac, dpforever, -Fantasista-, nina, Paranoia - for making time here all the better :)

tarmpropp, Sivori and Mikhail - hardcore Simpsons fans are the way of the future :D

Hydde - forloads of things, including Neddy's gallery :)

All the DP crew (Josy, Mona, yoli, EriN, Nuvenzinha, and all the others, sorry) - for giving me a veritable library of pictures to rest my weary eyes upon :cheesy:

Gigi's angels ;) for supporting my madness :angel:

To everyone I forgot to put on here, I'm so sorry - but you guys are what make me waste so much time here and I love you all for it :kiss:

And finally, to the rest of la squadra - my pride and joy, you never cease to amaze me and I will love you all til the day I die (especially il mio capitano, Lord only knows what I'd do with myself without you).

Thankyou guys, I love you all so much :)

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Mar 6, 2003
At your service Lili!!!

i must thank you for colaborate on neddys pics t! without you and the others, that gallery would never be what today is!.

I hope to you a happy posting! and im sure that very soon ull reach the 2000!!.

just keep posting like crazy :)


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Sep 1, 2002
++ [ originally posted by hoshi ] ++
Thanks, guys :)


Silvia for not taking offense ;)
Not taking offense for what?......for not mentioning me? Hey, no problem.:) I know that I don't post around here very often so I know people won't remember me.


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Jul 17, 2002
Congrats Hayley :) :star: ..

.....Here's a nice beating "on the house"

:boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing:

:flirt: ;)


Jul 15, 2002
Congratulations Hayley ...
Grazie :) Happy to have had the honour to be your first correspondent. :)

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