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Jul 17, 2002
Well, I finally reached the 1000-post Milestone! :strong:
I haven’t made any dedication threads before.
When I reached 100 all cared about was getting the avatar (didn't we all). Then, when I reached 500, I felt that I’m not well established yet. So, This dedication is (hopefully) gonna cover my whole time here so far. Therefore, it’s gonna be kinda long (don’t try scrolling down, your mouse pad isn't big enough ;) )

Anyway here we go: :D

Martin (The Geek :nerd: / Mr. President ;) ) -
I've been a die hard Juve fan for years now, but I’ve never found a place to express my feelings. Whenever I try somewhere else, all I get is "Maaan, your crazy!" (I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about). Anyway, when I found juventuz.com a couple of years ago, I fond my Juve Home. It's by far, the best Juve site on the web :thumb:
I only regret that I didn't sign-up for the forms till last summer.
So a Huge "thank you" goes to you not just for making the forum, but for maintaining it and making it the best on earth :)

vitoria - :shocked: :dazed: :embarass: ...:LOL: love the reactions ;) .... Anyway, Thanks for just being you. one of the sweetest people of met in the forum :)

Magnus - I don't know what we'd do without your goals. we appreciate your efforts :D...Thank you.

Sarah - that’s for all your kewl :cool: GIF images. Also, thanks for posting goals in GIF format in the middle of the games while Magnus prepares the video format. :thumb: you guys make a great team!!

Tom & Oded - Slow down guys!!! :shocked: take it easy take a deep breath!!....Martin should make a post-speed limit for you guys ;) What do you guys do?? type with all 10 fingers AND 10 TOES!!!? a lot of Good Posts Though :D

[DJ Juve] - Dude, your avatars Rock!! :thumb::thumb:

ErikP - denco- dpforever - nina(mostly pasted articles ;) )
Your posts about Juventus and football in general are TOP-CLASS!! Great opinions and analysis :thumb:, even if many of the ideas are uncommon or even extremely pessimistic ;) You keep this forum realistic and you never disappoint to give and take in hot discussions....:thumb:

Rickenbacker2 - man you’re crazy! not because you base jump, but because you actually think Van Der Sar is one of the top 5 keepers in the world ;) but I respect your opinion :), and I apologize if I’ve ever seemed like an A$$hole. :angel:

And for you three, just keep up what you do best:
Paranoia - those kewl:cool: game discoveries and reviews:thumb:
Bonjiovi - great jokes :thumb:
immortal - Fantastic wallpapers :thumb:

Manutd.Visitor- I haven’t encountered you much in the forums, but I’ve read many of your great Posts. Hope to see you more often in the forums.
BTW I like your Signature, though I’m not too fond of the first part of your nickname. :fero: ;)

Almajhool (Aziz) - Glad you decided to join these forums. I know our ideas clash many times and we're always on each others' case ;), but a juve forum won't be complete without you. :D
3gbalk inshallah :)

hoshi / buf-fan / ornella / yoli / josephine
for making these forums into a gigantic Juve (Buffon and DP) photo gallery. When I get bored with text, I know which threads to check out ;)
BTW, I really liked the edited photos that yoli made a few weeks ago that showed soccer players in dresses and stuff!

Yes...the list goes on...bare with me :D

I also dedicate this milestone to these great posters and people:
DaJuve :)angel:) - jaansu - respaul - BigIzz - Febrina - Greg - Sivori - Vinman - laresca - Evelyn8 - FaNaTiC - JuventusFan - RobyBaggio10 - delpi25 - SG78 - spartacus - S0ftcore - platini - GonJ - espectro - kristian1199 - mate - trampropp - juvelover - juvefan.

Phhheeew... My fingers hurt, maybe Tom should teach me how to type with my toes someday ;)

Forgive me if I’ve forgotten anyone (I’m only human). :angel:
Anyway, I also want to take this chance to Thank everyone for making this forum what it is :touched: , and also to Apologize to anyone whom I’ve ever unintentially insulted :angel:

PS. For those of you who only have 3 digit post numbers: :p

Forza Juventus!! Juventuz.com!! :star: :star:

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Sep 2, 2002
congrats! :) here's to a thousand more :)

this is the first time anyone's ever mentioned me in a dedication :touched:

as for being 3 digits... shhh... i'll catch you yet ;)

so yeah, congrats again :)


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Jul 17, 2002
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    Thank You :)
    i can't believe it the first time!! :eek: shame on them ;)


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    Dec 31, 2000
    My oh my, organized, to the point, just like you'd expect from a programmer (er. all-round computer geek) ;):D

    Glad you like the place, Majed! I know there are many people who don't sign up here right away, they read the forums or in some cases they don't even know about the forums.. :D So it's always nice to hear people decide to participate! :cool:

    Btw, how do you pronounce your (nick)name?


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    Jul 17, 2002
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    Thanks FaNaTiC, nina, Alex, DJ Juve (seeing your avater is enough for me), Bonjiovi, Tom, vitoria, SG78, tarmpropp, ErikP....

    :eek: DaJuve!! how could i have missed you!!! :eek:
    sorry :angel:

    .....check it again :D

    BTW Martin....thats my real name. It's pronounced (My name is pronounced very similarly to the word "Magic" just replace the "C" with a "D" )


    Jul 15, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by Majed ] ++
    I also dedicate this milestone to these great posters and people:
    DaJuve :)angel:)
    Oh look!!! there I am .... Seriously thanks man. And to many happy ... happy many ... more posts.


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    Jul 17, 2002
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    Thanks :D...

    one more thing for you: Watch out, i'm speeding behind you ;) u might have some compitition in reaching the 2500 mark ;)

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