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  1. Davids: IN or OUT ??

    Got this off soccernet: "Unsettled Juventus midfielder Edgar David's is on the verge of a £18million move to Serie A rivals Roma. The Dutch international has had a number of run-ins with Juve coach Marcelo Lippi and is keen to quit the Delle Alpi for the Stadio Olimpico. Roma have...
  2. Marco Di Vaio

    Di Vaio ROCKS!! Now let's hope our midfield will be just as efficient in creating chances. Midfield playmaker anybody ?
  3. Edgar

    Possible Pros (if Davids leaves) i) Won't have to worry about a player who has lost his heart in playing for Juve ii) More money in coffers Possible Cons i) After Zidane, our midfield losses even more flair and zest ii) He'll probably start flourishing in the Roma midfield (much...
  4. CL Group

    Looking at Barca's CL group, I reckon they've got a better group than our's. Should qualify, weak defence or no weak defence...Other than Gala away, they should be able to get something from all their other group matches.
  5. CL Group

    Haven't won anything since they won the Primera Liga in '99 haven't they ? He was Barca's coach then too wasn't he ? Trying to pull a "Marcello Lippi" I suppose...:cool:
  6. Fighting for third place?

    I think Juve should aim at winning everything..I've always read about how new players who come to Juve noticing the vast difference in the mentality and attitude between Juve and their previous clubs..i.e. that the bianconeri should aim at winning everything... I think this is just one of the...
  7. New Forward necessary ?

    Hi All, I'm new to all this but glad to be able to communicate with fellow Juventinos worldwide. My issue is this: With Trezeguet crocked (with his term of injury varying from 30 days to 6 months) would the signing of another forward as cover benefit the bianconeri ? Bearing in mind that...