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    [ :: Euro Goals :: ]

    hey thanx for the goals and keep up the good work:)
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    Juve 2002-2003 compilation

    hey ppl... i tried downloading the video twice now but everytime it just stops at like 87% or somethin, can anybody tell me wut could be wrong?
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    SERIE A: Juventus - Ancona

    before, i would've taken this match for granted but now, in this state that juve is in, i'd definitely cross my fingers..we need every bit of luck we can get...i'm sure that there will be more defence mistakes and sloppy passes in the midfield but hopefully a team like ancona wont be able to...
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    Del Piero 100 Goals of Serie A

    yeah that'd be gr8, thanx
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    what about this one ;)..a special celebration!
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    and this one!
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    i like this one
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    Stop Defending Dp Form

    he started this season in a great form, but it ended too soon with an injury that kept him off the field for 6 weeks! we all looked forward to his great comeback well, he did comeback, but he was not any means! 3 weeks have gone bay and still no sign of our old delpiero.... when...
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    Thuram attacks Juve defence

    yeah exactly we need someone fresh, and fast, oh GOOD! the defence now is just fallin apart...even legro is making stupid mistakes, but i think he's just alittle off-form, okay alot, but he's gonna get back, now the problem is to go back to last year's best defence in serie A !!
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    Goal Video !

    do u guyz know where can i download the CL goals for this season??
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    The "You Know When" Game

    find out ur gay u know u need to run fast when.....
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    del piero, legends!!

    Del Piero: "I am happy, to score is good and spectacular, especially when you win. And this is the most important thing. Today we wanted to win, and we did it even if it wasn't easy. Empoli came to play in a courageous way, they have been great at the end of the first half. By the way in the...
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    del piero, legends!!

    OMG! i just saw the empoli match today and i can say this... i have a feeling that del piero is gonna have a great season, not just the 2 goals he scored, something about him said he's ready to be back i dunno i just hope so!! overall juve rocked!!! forza juve!! got any pics plz post...
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    Pavel Nedved

    keep on goin and keep on givin juve ur best neddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!
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    Pavel Nedved

    omg how can i forget his bday!! WELL it's a bit late but happy birthday nedevd!! he's a virgo... just like me :)