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  1. Martin Benstead de silva

    heres my source paolo montero. ketchup faggot face. eat my shit! first and last warning Graham
  2. Martin Benstead de silva

    It is believed that fabio capello has offered the brazilian club (santos)2m euros for his services. hes suppose to be a powerhouse striker. he has english heritage and wouldnt class as a foreigner. viva martin! if you are good that is.
  3. Adrian Mutu to Juve?

    Very true cassano was a handfull wasnt he. he (capello) did a good job.
  4. Adrian Mutu to Juve?

    I actually am a fan of Mutu. but if he fannys around with this apparent life style of his then he can just **** right off. if he comes to play and is comitted then i would go for him. we dont want any of this cockyness/arrogance rubbing off inside unresting our camp.
  5. Emerson to Juventus???

    I hear the emerson deal should be finalised by the end of this week. either we ger him or not. We are proper 'cherry picking' the roma players aint we and so what. sly old capello stole romas rising star in chiellini. I want emerson as hes a real class act. we ave many potential mid maestros...
  6. Whoa: Deco, Jankulovski, Heinz? and Cristiano Zanetti

    Only player out of theses i will go for would be jankulovski. deco i dont rate as for cristiano zanetti well sez it all dont it. 2 step forwards one step back my opinion. i hear gallas is wanted by capello. good move.
  7. good news and bad news

    Im up for getting rid of cammoranesi either loan him or sell doesnt really bother me. but not maresca. oddo im sure will adapt to the formation capello has in mind playing as an attacking wing back. we've been linked/rumoured to so many players in recent times im starting to get bored of it. Get...
  8. Capello's Juve

    OOPS! obviously that aint my formation. i fuct it up. but im sure u can guess for yourself
  9. Capello's Juve

  10. Surprise!!!!!!! 2-2

    Guys i too was one who blames refs/ fixed matches conspiracy blah! blah! blah! ....If we had put the chances against the swedes away we wouldnt b in this situation. Vieri was commented on saying before the denmark game 'Denmark Watch out' EH FOR WHAT MATE? If anyone had to watch out it was the...
  11. Juve open parma talks!!

    Bonera is a talented def. of course we'd love ferrari too. Gila hmm? there is sumthing about him in unsure about. maybe im thinking about other talent around europe. he will become great but i have this feeling for Ibrahimovic. if only Gila went to 2004 championships. even tho he had a good U21...
  12. Panucci to follow Capello?

    Oh c'mon! Panucci just stay in rome yeh. we want young defenders mind u im so keen on cannavaro joining. hes class.
  13. Kallon now linked.

    Tell u one player i would love 2 see at juve and thats Adriano. it will never happen. why cant we find strikers like him?
  14. Kallon now linked.

    Rumour has it instead of our interest in wiltord Juve have now set there attention to mohammed kallon. hes suppose to be goin to newly promoted fiorentina but a switch to the delle alpi is his prefered choice. I actually wouldnt mind him, as he will become a fringe striker and a decent one in...

    Get Zlatan! he'l develope in2 a quality player. hes young and can learn from DP etc. dont lose out on him 2 later see how good he'll become. eg:HENRY