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    Where can I get tickets for Juve - Real?

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    Depth in midfield..

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    [Serie A] Palermo - Juventus

    seriously ban people who do that. ITS NOT FUNNY.
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    [Serie A] Palermo - Juventus

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    [Serie A] Palermo - Juventus

    i got audio but no images on that stream...?
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    [Serie A] Juventus - Sampdoria

    dont be so self centered. i didnt even read your first post. i couldnt care less what you have or have not. go away now.
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    [Serie A] Juventus - Sampdoria

    if youre not optimistic youve got nothing. whats the point in supporting a team if you predict a draw/loss every game? its like you WANT your team to lose LOL!
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    [Serie A] Juventus - Sampdoria

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    Adrian Mutu

    LOL at him doing bunny ears behind cannavaro. he seems to be at ease in the squad.
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    atalanta 1-2 juve goals

    anyone got other links?
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    LOL at the hate capellos gettin...

    man you all know how to ruin my threads...! all i wanted were pages and pages of laughing at those quotes, not over whether capello or del piero gives you a harder hard on. think of the comedy!
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    Juve 2-0 Brescia Video

    thanks anyone have any olivera/zlatan skills from the match etc? great assist by zlatan on the first goal btw.
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    LOL at this pic of zlatan

    zlatan is like: "hey a conveniently placed camera for my smiling and posing needs!"
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    LOL at the hate capellos gettin...

    nah i liked zalayetas "b!tch please" quote the best. whenever i see a pic of him now or him playing im just gonna imagine him saying that! :rofl:
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    [Serie A] Juventus - Brescia

    anyone got pics of the injury?