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  1. Bye bye Appiah?

    first u guys make a big deal of him and know ur sending him away? stuck with him for cried sakes
  2. Who do you want to become our next coach?

    I'm thinking mabey biancchi or menotti
  3. Juve & Barca to exchange players

    an honest trade would be Ferrara for Rafa Marquez. But the son of his nother is injured. no big, and if u were to trade camoranesi, u would trade him for Chelito Delgado
  4. Lippi reveals Azzurri dream

    Cuper is a nice Idea, how about cryuff? or an ex- juventini player who will do what is right and all for the love of the team. I was thinking maybe maldini, cuz he needs international experience to take on the azzurri. To stop discussing, how about lippi just goes to Mexico to coach...
  5. Sonia is Hot!!! look at this he delpiero is a lucky man!!!

    so much tenton in this tread, U guys need to have a smoke. Let the chik be spoiled, It's Alex's job to spank her. Not ours
  6. Sonia is Hot!!! look at this he delpiero is a lucky man!!!

    no sweat, Del Piero and I always shared girls. We got the same luck. Besides his girl is the doughter of the aunt of a brother of a neighbor. What a small world.
  7. Yay, Merry Christmas!!!!

    Merry christmas to all, and to girls a good spank... I mean good night
  8. can we match up to milan?

    Peoples The deal is this. Milan is counter attack, while Juve is a tactical team. Juve touches and touches, while milan touches the ball foward. Juve needs defence; reshapeing and woken up. Real Madrid needs a sweeper, milan needs a bit more speed to be a dominant power in europe, Juve...
  9. Zambrotta With Juve Till 2009

    It's a good advantage that Zambrotta will leave in 2009. Meaning he will leave in his 30's. Thus leading to the point that his mileage will be runed down on juve. Which means that his best years will be in juve, and won't be a big danger in some other team against juve. On the other hand, he...
  10. what is up with Barca????????

    perhaps. But remember, He took Holland to the euro cup semi-finals in the last year of their best cuality
  11. what is up with Barca????????

    If u people wanna know who the worst big club is? It's el America But after Oct. 1st, Barca officially became the worst. Honestly it's to cry for, cuz ronaldinho and saviola played together at front as CF's. Puyol was at center with Rafa, and that Portuguese wing was at wing. That turkish...
  12. Witchcraft in African Football

    U know people, howmany of u have read the crucible? It's puritan life all over again. Only in Africa!!!!!!! It seems to be that that they r having their laws going acoding to the bible. Thi wll eventuall lead to some hangings. How sad. Oh well, life goes on
  13. what is up with Barca????????

    It is so frustrating to have to see one of the most admired tams in the world beeing so fragile at this time. Look at the cuality it has. The coach is pretty good, the mid-field is so-so, the defense is lousy, with sme good players, and the offense is strong enough to do some type of...
  14. Will Someone Please, Think Of The Children!!!!!!!

    see people, in the U.S., their r actually cops securing the stands. To get me right, it's like this; the cops r @ the bottom looking @ the crowd and never looking back @ the game. If they see something is cooking up, they lift there walkie talkies and escort the suspiciouse ones out. If it...
  15. Will Someone Please, Think Of The Children!!!!!!!

    I was at my house one tipical evening, when I saw on T.V. a tragic event that gave me shame. As much as I love Italy, I just had to hide my head. I couldn't bare to take pride for what happened. At first it was in South America. I just couldn't bare to accept that this has spread to...