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    Tristan new sub for Trez?

    He's not THAT bad is he?
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    AFL: Australian Rules Football

    i Watch AFL....GO Eagles!! ahahah they beat sydney = P
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    Mexes in Old Lady link

    in my opinion
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    !!! 10 Years.........!!!

    hahah good to see people been realistic! :D In 10 years i'll be happy!! i dun care/know what will happens but i know i'll be happy! hahaha! (BTW. no! i'm not some sort of weirdass newage hippee)
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    ~N ! C K N @ M e S: nicknames~

    Sped means: Stupid, idiotic, chaotic, random, dodgey etc. i fink u'll get the point!
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    Will Juve win the Champions league 2003-2004?

    Roma might dominate in the Scudetto without any champions league commitments....look at their side..... Anyway answering the question i reckon Juventus Should be able to push for the Champions league. What Lippi did with the fairly average side Juve had last year was amazing, should he...
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    Draft Pick!

    Goalkeeper: Buffon definitly Even the most awesome outfield players will be let down if u have a poor goalie.... Bit like a Ruckman in AFL....prol the most important player in the side!
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    Yum Yum

    dodgey...... hate 2 imagine wt else goes on in u're mind hoshi....
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    Favourite sports

    Australian Rules Football :strong:
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    Happy birthday to Alessio Tacchinardi!!!

    yea happy birthday Tacc! u never know , he might be fluent in english n come across this site LOLZ
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    Albertini moves to Lazio

    26/27? OH!! bad ehehe
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    Which one is the best....
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    Albertini moves to Lazio

    yeaaa its BoA....shes gorgeous imo = ) u like
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    Beer : men's best friend!

    australian...geeze this dosen't even need a poll..... : )
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    who is the next coach

    ehehe...i fink only hoshi would know who he is. but...take my word for it...he seems like a good coach, no chance of juve gettin him :cheesy: