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    Req Europe Music Awards

    woooooooooow del piero looked so hot... indeed, I don't know why britney won... neeeeh
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    Paraguay w0n silver medal, I'm s0 pr0ud :D
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    hmmm I almost failed in my economics exam... yesterday was exactly one month that I ended with "him"
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    -what are u currently listenin to?-

    the gathering - marooned then i'll listen lake of tears - forerver autumn album!
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    Angry Beavers

    I like it! it's s great show!
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    Movies you've seen recently...

    hmm the princess diaries... :)
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    ¿Hablas Español?

    futbol? wooooow! yo recien voy a jugar el sabado! uhhh tengo un dolor de cabeza terrible
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    ohh and didn't told my parents I failed in economics exam!
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    I hate math!
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    Linkin park

    numb rules! I love that video
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    I broke up almost two weeks ago :/
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    ¿Hablas Español?

    feliz cumpleaños! estoy de vuelta por el foro y enseguida me encuntro con un cumpleaños :)
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    Movies you've seen recently...

    Confesions of a dangerous mind..... hmm it was a crazy movie
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    Nokia 6600

    :LOL: so what do you think about 5190 then?
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    I want to see nemo's video too! I hope koti rejoins strato, as long as they don't do albums like infinite and elements I miss the good times like visions, destiny and episode