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  1. Nick Against the World

    Actually, not that it's any of your business and sorry to break it to you, the trip went very good, beyond my expectations and we are now friends in real meaning. If I don't hang here it's because of the 1. not seeing a lot of juve matches this year and have nothing to say so I only come to read...
  2. WC2006 Qualifier: Italy - Slovenia

    No, he's quite right. Brazil would do us much more harm than for instance Italy. They are just all over the place and perform tricks that make your head spin. We wouldn't be able to follow that quite good. As for 70% Italy would beat a 100% Slovenia etc. ... IMO it's pointless to talk about...
  3. Books you're reading

    Me neither, half through :D It's excellent! And it's all already underlined and colorful ... yeah I have the habbit of underlining smart/wonderful thoughts in the books :geek: :embarass: This is my first Kundera, yours? I have been missing out on WAY too much, have to hurry now on his books :D
  4. Books you're reading

    Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  5. Top Party Places

    Europa is the place to be. Don't bother with US Kiran ;)
  6. Roberto Baggio

    I miss him already and it's only the beginning of the season :down: And on the weekend, when we played Brescia, I was like 'hmm where is Baggio, why isn't he playing :confused: ' ... then the cruel reality hit me.
  7. [CL] Ajax FC - Juventus FC

    Just a fact and not an anti-DP comment: of course our gameplan changed and everything looked different, we did sent Appiah instead of him, so it has nothign to do with DP not being ON the pitch :rolleyes: Anyway, a solid performance. Our attack was very poor yesterday, since midfield was more...
  8. Squad comparisons

    Dida < Buffon ??? Hmm excuse me, but no, no way. If anything they are equal (=). This is pointless anyway. For example: Kaka vs Olivera. Our kid has been brilliant so far and Kaka has looked anything but that last night, so lets not judge on past glories. Same goes for Seedorf vs Nedved.
  9. [Serie A] Brescia - Juventus

    We always did great in opening matches, so I have no doubt we will do good today as well. Looking forward to see (and not entirely with ease) the Thuram-Canna partnership. Since Inter and Milan did a lousy job yesterday I think we should concentrate on Ajax's game more, meaning, subbing player...
  10. Footballing Culture in Your Country

    1*. How easy is it to find a proper footie pitch or court? Not very easy. Our capital doesn't even have a proper stadium. 2/10 2*. How much does your country's government support the development of football? They are fighting about the first ever big stadium being build for over 5 years...
  11. [IT] Serie A 2004/05

    That Livorno goal was not leagal at all. The linesman raised the flag as soon as the corner lick was taken, because the ball went out of the pitch when it flew to the players waiting infront of the goal. If anything is fishy about that game it's those 7 added minutes at the end. Nothing more...
  12. The Face of Tomorrow

    Interesting. But I must say that the similarity between all those people (espcially women) is too big to make it look real.
  13. [merged] Cannavaro

  14. Incubo's Questionnaire

    1. What is your favorite word? chicle - chewing gum in spanish bono - the proper italian version accompanied with thát special hand movement Don't have special meanings obviously, just like the pronunciation/sound. 2. What is your least favorite word? / 3. What turns you on...
  15. [merged] Cannavaro

    God knows I like the guy, but he wasn't the best choice out there. I do welcome him and I do hope he will do the neccesary work and stay as injury-free (yeah right) as possible, but still ... Why can I not shake off the feeling that this was done very quickly and very nervously just to save...