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  1. [ENG] Premiership 2011/2012

    Yeah, you're an idiot too.
  2. [ENG] Premiership 2011/2012

    They are you just don't know it.
  3. [ENG] Premiership 2011/2012

    "Getting it wrong" and "Not fufilling potential" are 2 very different things. However, if I was going to take someone's word on a player, who would you trust top coaches/players or people on a forum who've never played football above amateur level.
  4. [ENG] Premiership 2011/2012

    Apparently you know more than managers and coaches who have given him more responsiblity (captain for Wales for example). I can see him being a great player in a few years, he just needs luck to stay injury free. Being so critical of a 20 year old after a near year out is completely...
  5. Gary Nevile's Juventus comments in his autobiography

    From a pure footballing view, definitely. But Barcelona don't make you fear playing against them. The only fear I have when my team plays Barca is that Busquets will get someone sent off by rolling on the ground.
  6. [ENG] Premiership 2011/2012

    Was talking generally when I said that, its not really rare to see people doing that, such as several already did about Ramsay.
  7. [ENG] Premiership 2011/2012

    He was a very good young player before his injury. I never understand why people try ripping at 18-20 year old players playing in the first time, what exactly do you except? And considering how some players can easily improve 2-3x in a short space of time, especially young players - its stupid...
  8. [ENG] Premiership 2011/2012

    Since when was Wales, England?
  9. [ENG] Premiership 2011/2012

    More like he's still a young player coming back after a long-term injury playing in a mediocre team.
  10. [ENG] Premiership 2011/2012

    Right of course he is. I keep forgetting the top football scouts that exist on this site. EDIT: Actually I can't be bothered with sarcasm today, you're an idiot.
  11. Gary Nevile's Juventus comments in his autobiography

    Though you guys might be interested in what he had to say, just started reading this and not that far through it. Even if you're not a United fan, its pretty interesting read.
  12. [ENG] Premiership 2011/2012

    What exactly is wrong with Ramsay?
  13. The greatest striker I have ever seen

    You can't be serious, even at his best, Del Piero was never at Ronaldo's level, noone ever was.