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    Happy B*Day Gigi!!

    hi guys!!long time no see.hope everyone is doing okay :) i would like to be the first one to wish our great brave goalkeeper a very happy birthday!May this year be a great year for him and US!!:D :kiss:
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    hello everybody! I'm new here

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    I am sad...

    hey man chill out! u should always be proud of ur country and im sure that one day they will qualify
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    5000th post dedication

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    The Kings Of Asia

    Al Ain are the champion club of Asia. Thirteen years after the national team did the UAE proud with their qualification for the World Cup, Salem Jawhar lifted the AFC Champions League Trophy to mark a historic day for the game and the country. Incidentally, Jawhar, one of the seniormost...
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    How Are You All So Good At English?!

    I learned English since i was 3 years old i was in KG1, but i said my first word in English when i was 2 yrs old it was YES i think.
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    Dubai Pics

    hey i think my NT will play against yours and cool pics Ali!! btw what camera do u have?
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    1000 At Last!

    aha btw-i saw ur pics in the other thread last night and i read ur notes it seems u had an awsome time here,, and about the airport thingy dont get upset bcuz it was duty of the security to insure safety u know bcuz we were hosting the IMF when u were here :)
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    Finally... i'm a champion!!!!

    congrats again little devil!:D
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    1000 At Last!

    never mind sweetie :D
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    1000 At Last!

    u r never late:) thanks
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    Movies you've seen recently...

    last night i saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding, i didnt really like it.
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    Misc Articles

    nice articles guys!
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