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    Andrea Pirlo

    I don't think anyone giving pirlo a bad grade is being realistic, as no one is probably taking into the account that he literally had 0 coaching experience prior to joining Juve. I won't hide my desire to want him being replaced by Allegri, but considering he had, and still has, 0 experience...
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    Leonardo Bonucci

    Well if that is his sprint then it is just pathetic. I started resenting Bonucci the day he left us, but I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, however the amount of mistakes he has made since his return is just inexcusable.
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    Leonardo Bonucci

    Watching the replay, he could have prevented the first goal if he sprinted, instead he jogged his way back. Probably the worst defensive performance by a juve player in the past 10 seasons
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    Massimiliano Allegri

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    [Serie A] Juventus vs ASL Napoli [Game to be played at later date]

    Let's see what happens. In a normal country I would expect us to get the full 3 points, with Napoli being penalized, however in Italy anything could happen. I guess they are waiting for new swabs and the results. If Napoli won't get any new cases, we will get the points, if they get like a lot...
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    Massimiliano Allegri

    He will be sitting on our bench come December
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    He is also a non-EU player, so no need to discuss it further
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    Igor Tudor

    btw Tudor is a Hajduk reject, they wanted to get rid of him or let put it differently they didn't want him there anymore because he was doing such a shit job. Yet we agreed to pay 0.5m for him, an absolute joke
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    Gonzalo Higuaín

    I am still having a hard time to grasp at the fact that we want to terminate his contract. Simply, why? I mean i understand we want to sell him, ok makes sense, but why terminate, pay at least 60-70% of his salary (probably 100%), record a capital loss, spend money on a new striker, pay the...
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    Well to be honest, Bartomeu is contradicting himself in this interview. First, he is saying how Arthur failed to make himself indispensable at Barca, now that Arthur made himself dispensable he is crying how he is not respecting the contract. Not to be mistaken, I too would expect from Arthur...
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    From the interviews, I understand that he wants to respect his contract with us, which runs for another year; leaving aside all the chatter regarding his desire to be with his family in Argentina. Haaland's clause becomes active in the summer of 2021, which is exactly when Higuain's contract...
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Well, Paratici believed he was capable last summer, I guess we just have to convince PSG to believe the same :D 1589974884 I guess you haven't read the entire comment, and just focused on the things you wanted. My point was that if PSG want Pjanic, we should ask for Verratti, and throw in...
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Honestly, if we are to do a deal with PSG we should be looking at Verratti, I bet he would push for the move as well. Since they will be left with 0 capable right-back after this summer, give them Pjanić + Danilo for Verratti, and they either accept or reject, probably the latter. Just don't...
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    I am really struggling to wrap my head around the idea of us trying to go after Icardi. He will cost close do €80m, offers nothing in the build-up, and is an unwanted player causing trouble, or at least his agent is. Why don't we extend Higuan's contract by additional year, wait until Haaland's...
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    Miralem Pjanić

    What an amazing match from him, completely dominated the midfield, Napoli midfielders had nothing on him. Even though CR was simply fantastic today, Pjanić was MoM for me