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    Know your Brazilian names

    Yeah, Nice thread. Ive been calling Ronaldinho little Ronaldo for time and a lot people would go who, or you mean C.Ronaldo. Then Id have to tell them. His actual name is Ronaldo followed by 6 other names.

    [Serie A] Chievo - Juventus

    I didnt get a chance to view the game. What I can say though is playing teams like Real the game is a lot more open. Playing the smaller teams in Serie A is in a lot of ways harder IMO. No 1. concern for them is to stop us from playing. If it was up to me I would make Juve play Real Madrid every...

    [CL] Juventus - Real Madrid

    Forza Juve and Big Up to all the juve massive! In a game like this its impossible to predict the outcome and say stuff like Piero scores 2 from the zona del piero. If I say that I know he will play shit. Most of our players have played in such a game except a few. Zlatan now is his big chance to...

    Portuguese SuperLiga

    quite a good game, not much between them. The benfica right back Miguel had a nice game. Juve are keeping an eye on him. Zebina the camelface get out of here! I agree with swag.I enjoy watching Superliga more than a lot games in the big three. 3 teams tied at the top with 42 points. Forca Porto

    Players and Families and Girlfriends

    :DTotti looks almost as sacry as damien. Someone should shave his head, no doubt they will find 666 birthmark.

    !!!!!!!!!!Official Mutu is from Juve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just came to say how glad I am that we signed Mutu, b4 anyone else. Great Timing, great player. Word! Thats good, gotta keep himself busy or else he'll go back to eating the good stuff through his nose, oh snap that reminds me ! one sec' lemme just take a snort, woooo im back where was I...

    [Serie A] Juventus - Livorno

    Camo got 2 goals:cool: I was upset about the two goals we let in though, very poor. Nedved is not playing on top levels with some others but Its normal(maybe not for a superhuman baller like Ned') I want our players to hit top form at the right time, b4 cl madrid clash. I hope Piero gets a...

    [Serie A] Parma - Juventus

    Took a look at the table and Parma have 12 points 2nd bottom and Udinese are near us, can they do 97/98? Still a long way to go. I was watching some Ibra videos from his ajax days very skillful player, freestyler for sure. That risky show the ball play didnt work in the last game but he was up...

    Ronaldo's thoughts: adriano and milan-juve

    Ron makes Adriano call Tuesday 14 December, 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ronaldo has revealed that he would love Inter sensation Adriano to join him at Real Madrid. "I would certainly like to bring Adriano to Real because he is...

    [Seria A] Bologna - Juventus

    PLAYERS TO WATCH Apart from Ibra Im excited to see what camos gonna do in this game. Hes got a nice cross technique if anyones noticed he stands it up almost like a chip. I would love if Nedved scores.

    [CL] M. Tel Aviv - Juventus

    JuveCampione :cool: seems like everyone on these forums seen Juve live except me. Was did the training involve. The boys were taking it ez I bet, esp Chiminti practicing his juggling skills.

    [Serie A] Inter - Juventus

    Nice game on the eye. Esp' watching it with split juve/inter fans. We straight up let inter in the game those two goals(good goals) was about our dip in concentration and also Mancini being smart and exposing our weak wingers esp, Zambro on the free martins cross. That was the only way they...

    Guess who's 30

    Happy birthday soldier. Keep fighting. Your still the man Piero forza juve.

    [Serie A] Reggina - Juventus

    i was very impressed with Z when he played bayern. its good that hes getting better. I cant wait for him to smash Inter when we play them later this month.

    [Serie A] Reggina - Juventus

    i wouldnt know nothing about that:D