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  • Thanks! :D I'll try not to disappoint you. 11/9, that's cool. Nothing noteworthy happened on mine. Well, I think it's MJ's birthday, and I think it's supposed to be "judgement day" according to The Terminator movies :D But that's about it.

    25, hmm. Well, you're getting there! No need to panic as of yet, though. When the problems occur, give me a call, and I'll know what to do :)
    I didn't think you had one. You're in your early 20s or something, right? Your metabolism is sick and you won't have anything to worry about for years to come. Lucky bastard!
    I don't have a beerbelly either, but since I want to stay on the safe side (and since I seem unable to give up beer), I've resorted to some working out and cutting out sweets entirely. No chocolate, no candy, no potato chips, no soda. See how much I love beer??
    Oh, man.. German beer... One really can't speak of beer without mentioning Germany. That place is beer-heaven, it's just the best.

    You know what, dude, I will go get a beer! (As if I wouldn't if you hadn't encouraged me :P )
    Hehe, probably better if it stays that way. "Expert with beer" I mean. Those guys tend to get some serious bellies :D

    I do love beer, but I'd never let that sh*t happen to my waistline. :vinny:

    Some good mentions you have there. I particularly like Urquell, and I believe I like Lapin Kulta. They used to sell them around here, but I can't find them anymore, so I haven't had one in years. Sandel, I need to try that one. I'm a huge fan of Heineken myself! Seems we both enjoy beers that are on the "bitter" side, then. There are actually alot of people who hate Heineken for it's bitterness, and it has a reputation of "tasting like piss" :D But that's way, way, too harsh. It's not even terribly bitter. In my opinion, it's a great beer. One that I always open with. Gotta have that kiss of Heineken before I proceed.

    As for dark beers, I like them. But if I opt for one of those, I'll only have one. They're like a full f*cking meal!

    Damn, I'm thirsty! :drool:
    That's great :tup:

    Yeah, drinking alone ain't much fun. What are your favourite beers?
    Me too, but hey! At least it's the final workday of the week, right? :)

    Or perhaps not for you? Perhaps that's why you didn't tag along with the others?

    You'll be allright, though, the LXXXIII will look out for ya :beer:
    :D :tup:

    It's been a wonderful weekend of drinking. But now it's time for 5 days of work :(

    Next weekend, though ... :superhapp
    Lapa :paniicaaaaa:
    Are you all right sorry but I don't understand that Finnish word. In dutch on the other hand i understand what you mean. :D
    you will be blind then :D Only another kind of blindnesskind :klin:
    I know lapa :P
    fucking FB is blocked or error or something
    :andy2: you want to make me mad. I am going to make you blind :D
    you are just jealous :D
    do you want Katie?
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