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    Trezegol is back!!!

    Yeah, Zlatan and Del Piero are doing well but indeed there is someone missing...TREZ
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    ANother rumuor petit

    Petit's style of playing doesn't really impress me... I'm not fond of the idea of that transfer (if the rumour is true)
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    Let's kick racism out of football

    Yeah, the case with Reyes really made me furious when I saw it an TV...Instead of complaining only about terrace-racism (which is nearly impossible to can only reduce it), they should also concentrate on racism on the field. Such comments as the comment by Aragonés to "encourage"...
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    Players and Families and Girlfriends

    They're such a nice couple... THey're both really likeable.
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    -what are u currently listenin to?-

    At the moment I'm listening to the radio and they're playing the new song by Blue. It's called "Curtains fall" or sth. like that... It reminds me a bit of "Gangsters Paradise" by Coolio. I would say it's a kind of cover-version...
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    Yahoo vs Hotmail

    As most of my friends use MSN, I use it frequently. But Yahoo, both the e-mail service and the messenger are better!
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    If they were really fighting against terror...First, you can't really fight against it because it's something very difficult to define. What is terror? Did these people who died during the Iraq-war or in Afghanistan really represent "Terror"? And instead of trying to find the roots to "terror"...
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    Official Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thread

    I take a look at the fanpage where that forum can be found frequently and in my view it's the best zlatan-fansite at the moment! I really like it...I also noticed that the number of Zlatan-fans increased enormously! It's the same here in the Juventuz-forum. Indeed, Zlatan is a real phenomenon...
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    Trezegol is back!!!

    Yeah, I hope so too...Trez has become a very important member of the Juve-Team!
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    Zlatan the worlds best

    Yeah, he has the potential! The only question is what he is going to make out of it!
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    What's up with FRANCE???

    I would say, that if these "real Frenchmen" were better than the "Afrikans" they would play for the French national team. But at the moment players like Thierry Henry (although he's not an African :) ) are better, aren't they?
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    Fever Pitch

    people have different tastes...I liked it...
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    Fever Pitch

    Yeah, there's a film based on Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch, but I'm not sure if it's that one... Because I don't remember Drew Barrymore on the cast-list. However, must have been a great experience, wasn't it?
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    Fever Pitch

    Really? I haven't read it yet, but if you say it ... Maybe I should try! :) Thank's for the tip!
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    Official Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thread

    Here in Austria you have to learn English and then you can choose any language you want. French is usually the second option. But you can learn other languages as well. I for example speak English, French, Russian, Bosnian (because of my origins) and German. I'm also learning Latin, but that's...