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    Serie A: Juventus vs Inter [November 4 2007]

    so far this season, if Trez scores...we win. so lets hope Trez wears his shooting boots tonite
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    Serie A: Napoli vs Juventus [October 27th 2007]

    it could be 6 pts by tomorrow..
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    Favourite Athlete of 2003

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    Interview: Gianluca Zambrotta, Barcelona

    i admire him as a player, i dont admire him as a man. used to love him, but now he's Barca's property, so obviously my loyalty is no longer with him. well, at least he didnt go to RM.. :)
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    Brokers in Italy expect Juve back to Serie A

    not this again, i'd take Serie B than Serie A -30 any day...
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    Juventus Summercamp in Pinzolo

    amazing scenery...thanks phillip :D must be cool to actually meet the players in person :)
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    Pavel Nedved

    me thinks it's just typo error. he meant to write 'to' :D
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    Conclusion relegation: Good or Bad?

    i'm not happy about it, but hey...that's life. sometimes unexpected things happen and u just have to get thru it. Forza Juve!
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    Central Defence Problem

    buy Barzagli. but stepping down from A to B might be an issue for him..
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    Official Cannavaro's gone Thread

    Zambrotta is 29, Balzaretti is 25. in 2 years, when we get back to CL, Zambro is past his prime and Balza is in his. i think ur dream will come true.. :agree:
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    OFFICIAL: Barca Snatch Thuram And Zambrotta

    my favourite Juve player is gone (Zambro that is), altho i am a bit surprised by his lack of loyalty. oh well, there isnt such thing anymore is there... wish them all the best....
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    OFFICIAL: Barca Snatch Thuram And Zambrotta

    he is? no shite... :(
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    Gianluigi Buffon

    i'll be laughing at u guys the day Buffon leaves us :D for all we know, he might still move somewhere else. it aint over til the transfer window closes...
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    Official Cannavaro's gone Thread

    finally..... all the talk has made me sick. goodbye, thanks for everything....good luck with Real Merda, u'll need all the luck in the world :rofl:
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    An Open Letter- What Juventus Means to Me

    Serge, i suggest u send this to there's this section where u can write emails to them, and they will publish the best email. your post is great, why not share it with the whole world? :agree: