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    Formula 1

    I dont think JPM and Ralf can work together as teammate as great as MS and Rubinho. in my opinion, they are teammate but they also enemy on the track. if they cant change it,I think it will hurt Williams chances on the constructor champs. (well,that will be great news cos i'm not a Williams...
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    Formula 1

    bad luck for Webber. got a front row but cant make it to the chequered flag! great job by Schumi! Go Ferrari! :thumb:
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    Juve member cool

    no Gigi???? :( j/k great pictures :thumb:
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    Formula 1

    agree! thanks to Ferrari (and Schumi), F1 now have many great youngsters. cos all of them want to beat Schumi and Ferrari. i forgot who said this "become a world champion when Schumi still driving is a great moment". it's true tho! (sorry if i'm wrong) GO FERRARI.....
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    Formula 1

    it is indeed Australian GP. Qualifying on March 6th and race on March 7th. i cant wait !!!!!
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    Forza Juve in Asia!- a MUST READ!

    keep on hoping with me cos ur not the only one who wants to see Juve
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    Formula 1

    u mean season 2004 or for 2005??? if for season 2004,no place for JV! all full. F1 drivers list for season 2004: Ferrari -> M. Schumacher, R.Barrichello Williams -> J.P.Montoya, R. Schumacher McLaren -> K.Raikkonen, D.Coulthard Renault -> F.Alonso, J.Trulli BAR -> J.Button, T.Sato...
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    Who are your current CM squad?

    i'm in the end of secong season and i control 2 teams this is my Juve team Buffon C.Zenoni/Martinez-Thuram-J.Terry-Zambrotta Camoranesi-Brighi/P.Terry-Marinelli Nedved/Miccolli Trezeguet/Gasbarroni-Del Piero/Di Vaio (i always rotate the players) Subs...
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    Happy B*Day Gigi!!

    Happy birthday, Gigi :thumb:
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    Australian Open Anyone?

    Safin won against Roddick in five sets. he'll meet Agassi in semis. GO SAFIN and happy birthday
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    Feher is dead :(:(:(

    its kinda ironic here cos i never hears his name before but now....i really want to know bout him. i search every news bout him. and my friend said "Feher is more famous now when he's dead than before" :(
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    One little question

    if Cristian is not good, Milan wont get him.
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    Feher is dead :(:(:(

    LISBON : Hungarian striker Miklos Feher became the second international footballer in the last seven months to die during a game when he collapsed after being yellow-carded while playing for Benfica. The 24-year-old Feher, who had come on as a substitute after 60 minutes, was rushed to...
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    Hei....I'm New

    i like The Italian Job as well :) welcome, Terry
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    Hi everyone im new