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  1. Forza Juve in Asia!- a MUST READ!

    What about India ? the vast untapped market of a billion people.... the second most populated country in the world where people have forgotten Serie A , what about that ???????
  2. SERIE A: Juventus - Ancona

    our defense still sucked ?????? anyone care to elaborate on that ????????
  3. Tribute to Edgar Davids

    ooooops wrong thread ...... celebrating the result with Empoli.
  4. Tribute to Edgar Davids

    grazie Inter !!!!
  5. SERIE A: Juventus - Siena

    eat that Masimo joke.
  6. SERIE A: Juventus - Siena

    inter losing ?
  7. Tribute to Edgar Davids

    he was extraordinary . sorry for repeating, but ...... what a player he was !!!!
  8. Del Piero Goal Statistics

    A genius is never finished.....
  9. Tribute to Edgar Davids

    I haven't managed to spend a lot of time on the net of late..... so this is kinda belated, but still : Grazie Davids . Thank you for everything you gave for Juventus in the last 6 years. You were the protagonist of the 'spirito Juve'. You are gone, but you won't be forgotten. Ciao. :down:
  10. Nedved is Ballon d'Or winner

    congratulations to Neddy.
  11. Trezeguet contract situation

    Don't f8ck up for once, Moggi and KEEP HIM.
  12. Trezeguet contract situation

    These thing is going farther than it should, IMO. quite simply put, as is evident from the game against Lecce, there is no one in the current Juventus squad that can come close to David as a natural goalscorer/saviour in a tight game. I dare say that there 's no one better than him in the world...
  13. LA COPPA: Juventus - Siena

    Del Piero and Trez playing in the Coppa Italia last 16 ?? What's happened to this Coppa ? its gaining in prestige suddenly.
  14. SERIE A: Juventus - Parma

    bdw, Maresca14 - i think the situation is different than what u think. Davids has NOT been frozen out of the squad like Pizarro of Udinese. He is still very much in Lippi's plans for this long and hard season where we play 45+ difficult games and we need about 17-18 players to do well, no just...
  15. SERIE A: Juventus - Parma

    This is Juve win written all over it , me thinks!!!!!