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    Gianluigi Buffon

    Suspicions were first aroused when a picture of Gigi's cat was leaked.
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    Azzurri Thread

    It's not necessarily defeat that is painful but the scoreline. Italy weren't great, but they didn't deserve that.
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    Euro 2012 LIVE

    This. 2-0 will be a good result at this point.
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    Andrea Barzagli

    The first few pages of this thread certainly makes for some interesting reading.
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    Euro 2012 LIVE

    The Master race?!! :lol2:
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    Azzurri Thread

    So happy as an Italian living in England. I decided to watch the match afterall, even though their media had convinced me all England had to do was turn up against one of the worst Azzurri teams ever. For certain Italy have many limitations, but England are so far behind in terms of tactics and...
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    Azzurri Thread

    I think it's going to be their year. :frown:
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    Andrea Barzagli

    Perhaps he was never as badly injured as reported. Still, I'll believe it when I see him on the pitch.
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    Antonio Conte

    Indeed Gsol is correct. However, the same comment could be made about countless other countries.
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    Sebastian Giovinco

    Apparently he's prmoting the new Batman film
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    What? Have you never fapped and cried at the same time?
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    Juventus kits 2012/2013

    I think it's become something of a tradition to officially present to shirts during pre-season. So I would expect that to be some time in July. It should leak before that though.
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    Luca Marrone

    It's called fashion, apparently.
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    [ENG] Premiership 2011/2012

    Have any scousers burnt any US flags yet?