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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2015/2016
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    Footy Manager

    Hello, is simple football/soccer manager game I developed, there are 64 teams divided in 4 leagues. Top teams play in Footy Champions Cup(Champions League) every season plus there is a cup competition for each league. Please check it out. Thanks
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    Juve 2009-2010 Goals Comp.

    Here is compilation of Juve goals from last season. I also have HD version of this video but it is 2.2GB. Enjoy
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    :: That's What The Wise Lady Said ::

    Do you have download-able version?
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    Believe In Her (Juventus-song)

    good job man.
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    A farewell to David Trezeguet

    good work. Thanx
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    Diego Ribas da Cunha

    Sad Sad Day........Good Luck Diego.
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    Footy Manager

    Hello, is nice little Soccer/Football online management game that I just finished developing, it took me over 3 years to get it completed. I just want to invite you guys to come and check it. Thanx Fondy
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    Christian Poulsen

    hahah he is having horrible usual.
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    JUVENTUS 3000 GOALS (1953-2008)

    thank you.
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    Juventuz LIVE 2009/2010...Best live matches comments ever. Fantastic season.

    how many shots on goal do we have.............................. 0
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    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 1-1 Lazio (January 31st, 2010)

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:cry: :cry: :cry:
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    Torino- Juventus01/02

    Torino- Juventus01/02 - 25 min HL Download Great game!