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    Your favourite (F*R*I*E*N*D*S) star ..

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    Prediction Game Back (Jan 15, 2005).

    After the two week winter break, the Prediction Game returns with the resumption of matches across Europe in Italy, Spain, and England (there was no break there anyway). Good luck with your predictions, and keep 'em coming.
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    How Can You Forget Someone?

    Thanks for the advice man, I'll try my best ... Damn right !! I really thought it was Majed. :D
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    How Can You Forget Someone?

    Thanks Majed for your post, it certainly gives it more prespective and thought. Stuart, finding someone else to love isn't as easy as it sounds. I wish it was !!
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    How Can You Forget Someone?

    If I had a choice then no, but I have to since we agreed to 'move on' with our lives. And she already moved on and looks happy with someone else. I thought it would be simple and easy and that I would be able to forget about her in a matter of days, but that didn't happen. I still pretty...
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    How Can You Forget Someone?

    My case is complicated. That 'someone' I have to forget about didn't mean to hurt me (or maybe she did but I loved her so much I tend not to believe it) but anyway the damage is done and now we have to move on but I'm having difficulties forgeting about her especially that I see her nearly...
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    What is the biggest regret of your life so far?

    I regret giving my trust to people who didn't deserve it.
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    How Can You Forget Someone?

    The topic has come up a few times lately in my conversation with friends. We were talking about how can we best forget someone. How can we let someone go. And my solution at that moment seemed so simple. I told them that when you break up with anyone, you tend to only remember the good part...
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    [IT] Serie A 2004/05

    Are you serious?? :eek: :dazed:
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    2004 Juventus Player of the Year.

    Wow, didn't expect 84 votes in this poll. Way to go, guys :cool: P.S. Not a single vote for Blasi or Camoranesi. :down: :D
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    In Englan, Mark Bosnich was suspended for a positive drug test some years back while playing for Chelsea. Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand was suspended for eight months - he missed Euro 2004 - for failing to show up for a drug test. Chelsea's Adrian Mutu was also banned for seven months after...
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    [Serie A] Parma - Juventus

    It was clear that the players were tired and fatigue had the better of them. Capello used virtually the same set of players week in week out whereas other teams's managers rotated players and took alot of time to settle with a solid formation, such as Inter's Mancini who must have used more than...
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    2004 Juventus Player of the Year.

    Which Juventus player do you think deserves to win the award of best player for this year. New signings had little time to show off their talents but will still be considered as contenders as they have contributed alot in this season's success. Plus, it would be more interesting with more...
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    [IT] Serie A 2004/05

    Before battling it out with Lazio tomorrow we will find out how Milan featured against Parma as they will face them today. Parma will have an extremely tough match agaisnt Milan as they have many players missing through injury and suspensions: Marchionni, Bolano, Morfeo, and Bovo. However...
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    C'mon, Alex has been scoring goals for fun lately :D What about the Abu Gharib scandal, I thought it was disgusting enough :confused: Anyway, I can't understand how you call people defending their country from outsiders as terrorists? Hint: No oil in N. Korea and Iran ;)