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    are u italian??? i am. In england i support chelsea, but if they dnt win a major title i dnt lose any sleep, juve are my team country of my birth and so are milan, so when an italian team does better in europe than juve im always gonna support them
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    Hey evry1. Ive been watching champions league on espn for around 10 years now, and i don't know about any1 else but i really dnt like watching a game like for example, Liverpool vs Bordoux or anything like that were liverpool is a team that always finish 4th in epl, it gives no credit to...
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    Hey guys, im Robert, I used to run the TUTTO DELPIERO website dunno if any1 remembers it, im embarking on a new project now, im calling it SerieA Lounge, Its gonna be a community based website, i was just wondering what ppl think i could put on it, im gonna have goals, quotes etc but im...
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    Italy Under 21 VS Germany

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    Italy VS Slovenia

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    Will Italy have a new logo?

    thats a lot of stars anyword on the new jersey? pr are we keeping same1
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    The Official Italy WC Thread

    great team on paper lets perform for once but! expect to c some totti brilliance
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    The Official Italy WC Thread

    lippi is a magician! i think italy will reach the semis and its gonna take one hell of a team to stop em from there...i want italy brazil final...showcasing the two best national teams on the planet and maybe revenge for 94
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    Juve to lose their stripes + possible new away kit

    this is what we should wear
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    Juventus Club Australia Logo poll

    first one is mad
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    Your Juventus player(s) of the season

    1. cannavaro 2. zambrotta 3. trez 4. del piero 5. nedved
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    Juve to lose their stripes + possible new away kit

    that jersey sucks..hopefully but if it was to be released as our jersey for next year it would only be a one year thing
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    greatest rock vocalist and guitarist ever

    is any1 gonna mention Eddie Van Halen!!! the stuff he does is second to none...ace frehley is great too forza space ace!
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    Trezegol's Record

    after euro 2000 i thought to myself why would we sign the player that took the trophy from us, 6 laters i realise we lost one trophy but juve has made up for the loss by winning a number of trophies since davids arrival
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    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    that would be great to see dp in a management rather see him start coaching but rather than sit in an good would it be picture this its 2011 we have a new crop of players...except veterans zambrotta and buffon...then we see Alessandro Del Piero in an Armani suit on the...