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  1. Zalayeta is a very good player.

    zalayeta is a good striker but i dont think juve need him that much in the team. they already have 4 more strikers ahead of zalayeta and i dont think lippi will use him more often.
  2. Your 3 favorite Serie A teams

    juventus milan inter
  3. Free kicks without DP?!

    surely neddy can take it but imo del piero is the best free kicks taker above all players in our squad, i dont see anyone can score a goal from free kicks except him.
  4. Your favourite Juventus Player

    my favorite juventus' players are: del piero zambrotta nedved trezegoal davids buffon tacchinardi miccoli legro thuram ferrara montero camoranesi maresca appiah :D
  5. who can be the best left midfielder for juve?

    both davids and nedved can play on the left midfield side but i believe maresca can play there too as an attacking midfielder.
  6. Top Ten Teams In The World!!

    this are my top10 teams: juventus chelsea milan real madrid man utd inter barca arsenal bayern dortmund
  7. Davids eyes Juve extension

    hasselbaink will remain at chelsea this season imo. if they want to sell out their striker its gotta be gudjonssen. well, in the same time i also think think that crespo will remain at inter as well. but, i might be wrong ;)
  8. Who do you think?

    real madrid- with the arrival of beckham and other several world class players in their squad, im sure they will be tough to beat, although their defence is horrible. man utd- they are making a good start in this season. even though veron and beckham arent in the team anymore, they still have...
  9. Davids eyes Juve extension

    i dont see that maresca will come down to play on the pitch more often if davids is about to stay. same goes to appiah as well.
  10. Olivera - In or Out?

    i hope juve dont loan him out bcoz olivera is the sub for neddy if he's got injured or suspended. but in the same time i also think that he should play more matches and i dont think he can do it at juve as juve already got neddy who wouldnt easily get injured and will surely play in every matches
  11. Juve should sell trezegue

    he can walk on air too
  12. Well, the 'Tablecloths' finally came out...

    honestly i feel the combination of pink and black colour on our jersey looks nice :cool:
  13. Juve are the team to beat!!

    i still feel the pain of losing to milan in the CL final last season even though we managed to beat them twice in 2 weeks. i want us to beat them more and more.
  14. Tacca is back!

    if maresca performs well this season i think he will be included in the italian national team, unless he dont get a chance to play more matches and just sitting on the bench. about di vaio, me also think he should be included in the national squad. i dont know why trapattoni prefers delvechio...
  15. juve this season

    i really hope we can win the scudetto for the third time in the row this season although it seems hard bcoz all of our rivals have strengthen their squad like us did. but of all i think our squad is the best in italy. we've spend wisely this summer, bring on players that we really need in our...