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  1. Atalanta Vs Juventus

    thanks. any full match torrent?
  2. Juve-Modena!

    Morra10, where exactly is the torrent? couldn't find anything there in the link thanks again..
  3. Juve-Modena!

    anyone know where to find full game torrent?? thanks....
  4. juve fan in china sound their voice?

    i know this is not directly related to juve or football. but the kid in this song keeps singing "juve, juve". i thought it was nice so i post it here. btw the first few seconds of this song sound like a hindustan song but it is chinese. as a chinese myself i have no idea what they r singing...
  5. REQ: Celebration

    thanks a lot, help me a lot and very much appreciated.
  6. REQ: Celebration

    wow..i dont understand a word there. some help pls.
  7. ***Fondy Stuff***

    fondy u have the celebration on top of the bus thing that is working i have not seen it yet. all links about that seem to not working.
  8. REQ: Celebration the link is not working...thanks by the way maybe u can repost it i'm really looking forward to seeing those
  9. REQ : Juventus vs Cagliari - 4:2 GOALS
  10. Full Game Livorno-Juventus

    it's torrent from maxxed football forum since no one post the full match i just try to make it easier for everyone.
  11. Full Game Livorno-Juventus
  12. [Serie A] Siena - Juventus

    anyone know where to get the siena-juve live stream?? please post it here or send directly to my icq-13633088. thanks.....
  13. [CL] Juventus FC - FC Bayern

    anyone know where to download the full match of juve 1-0 win over bayern? thanks..
  14. Official: Deshamps to Juventus!

    seem like this is it. prandelli is heading for fiorentina.
  15. The New Juve!!

    Juve100% u seem to know a lot of stuff.... too bad i can't read italian..