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    Sebastian Giovinco

    Some players need more time to blossom. He wasn't a choker but he had some mentality problems. Probably because everyone expected of him to be Del Piero or something. The pressure was killing him... We couldn't wait and also played him in wrong positions with the style of football that didn't...
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    Giuseppe Marotta

    We should've signed another midfielder and a good one (Sergej) and a really good right back. Those are my biggest concerns. I really don't like Costa but it is what it is. We needed wingers, now we have them. Allegri just needs to find a better tactic and combination. It's gonna get better...
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    Guitar thread

    Bump, if I may :)
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    Guitar thread

    hahaha, thank you! :D
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    Guitar thread

    whats up people, can you help a fellow juventino to win a guitar? :) I entered this Instagram competition over 2 months ago and now they've chosen 5 finalists. I need some votes and its simple to do it. you just have to have an instagram account and type #3 in the comments of these 2 posts...
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    Balkan Juve thread

    ljudi moze li mala pomoc za kolegu juventina? :) prijavio sam se za neko gitarsko takmicenje na instagramu i potrebni su mi glasovi. jednostavno je, samo treba da upisete br 3 u komentare na ova 2 posta: hvala...
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    Summer mercato thread 2017-18

    We should get Fabinho and finish with right backs and defensive mids. After that, buy one or two mids for the bench cause Lemina and Rincon are leaving and that's it.
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    Arturo Vidal

    Don't talk shit. These are not real smokers. It's probably 20 cigarettes in a year or something, when they're partying. That's nothing for a professional athlete.
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    Nemanja Matić - DM - Chelsea

    We'll have enough creativity with Berna and Costa. I would like us to sign Matić or Fabinho.
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    Giuseppe Marotta

    And maybe can't even buy good no more.
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    Douglas Costa

    That's what I'm afraid of.
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    Daniele Rugani

    I'm just afraid that he won't get much time again. Maybe Allegri prefers Benatia over him, like he did many times last season. Daniele, when he played, was probably our best defender in the team. Amazingly composed and concentrated. Chiellini and Barzagli should play less next season.
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    Federico Bernardeschi - AM RLC - Fiorentina

    I don't know. That's why I'm asking. Why do you think he's better?
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    Federico Bernardeschi - AM RLC - Fiorentina

    Do you think he's better than Keita?
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    Summer mercato thread 2017-18

    He's not good enough people. He's just more faster and better technique Cuadrado. Speed but no brain. That's the reason he's not playing much at Bayern.