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  • Yeah, still living with the parents. There's an option for a flat next year which if there's a little luck will be resolved this time next year. Fingers crossed.

    Between GFs. Been a busy summer. But with my luck, there's two girls and both are in different cities, about 1.5h drive each. So I'm kind of torn between two options. So far I'm keeping up with both of them. :P

    You? All good with the missus?
    So far...nothing wrong. Been sick the whole June with chickenpox, after that a prolonged vacation in July and now I'm back working. Actually working so I'm not quite active lately. :D
    zie nu dat ik mijn profiel had gepost
    maar ik was bij de smelen en mullerlaan. was er maar een kwartiertje
    No need to apologize, I'm their town rival fan, I cheer for Red Star :D I think Partizan deserved to go through as they were better in the first game a lot, and 2-1 was kinda silly and lucky for Genk. In the second match Partizan was better for 50-55 minutes, but later it was Genk who dominated. But meh
    Thanks for the report mate. Actually Partizan is much weaker this season, they lost many of their key players. Some (good) players are expected to come this week but I don't think much can change, as their game is much weaker.
    Yo Andy, can you analyze me Genk? They got Partizan in the seedings and I wonder if they are good enough this season or what? I see they managed to win 2-0 against Lyon, but dunno, it's only a friendly match
    christina heeft die gemaakt al bedoelde ik eigenlijk de kuiken op je profiel
    im moving to antwerpen.
    im planning to study in fine arts academy
    and if im not mistaken we will not be that far away xD
    i will contact you some days after my arrive :D.
    I live in Neerpelt.
    That is in Limburg near Lommel and close to the Dutch border (close to Eindhoven).
    Which city are you moving to?
    hey chester!!!
    hi :D
    i see you are from belgum
    im moving there next month
    so i wanna know from what part of belgum are u??
    i dont know anoyone there :S
    so it will be good to know a juve fan from the start :D
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