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    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    Can anyone tell me exactly what this deal consists of?
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    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    Wow. An amazing moment, cant wait to watch him live. Forza Del Piero!
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    [Serie A] Cesena - Juventus (12/03/2011)

    Play the primavera team!
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    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    Time to retire and get a coaching apprenticeship and than come back and coach Juventus!
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    J Stadium/Allianz

    The rods are a joke!
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    [Serie A] Bari 1-0 JUVENTUS (August 29th 2010)

    Bari are a force at home.
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    Juventus kits 2010/2011

    Ugly kit time to drop Nike off. Whats with the Italian flag we are not the national team. After all the Italian league sent us packing to second divison.
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    Marco 'The Escape Goat' Motta

    I am on the fence with this one.
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    Why FIFA should kick cheating Capdevila out of the World Cup

    Spain so kickass right now and Villa is better than Messi. He scores more goals. hahaha
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    Sebastian Giovinco

    Give him one more season!
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    WC2010 Pictures

    No new ones from Japan game?
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    Official Azzurri WC2010 Thread

    Men dont cry when they fail to pass the group stage, you cry when you loose the world cup. I found that disturbing.
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    Group D

    No, I am implying they should quit complaining about safety and be smart about things and go for jobs that dont endanger themselves as any other Australian will be at risk in such a workplace.
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    Official Azzurri WC2010 Thread

    Brillant. Ditto
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    Group D

    Dont be confused champ. Just tell your mate to ditch the taxi and get on 7 eleven there pretty well established business and respected amongest the Australian community.:D