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  1. Has Godot Finally Returned?

    the match against Atalanta seems to show he is at his best these days
  2. Euro 2004

    sorry, i forgot Pirlo who i think can be amazing for italy. and i would expect him to take out the likes of doni in the near future.
  3. Euro 2004

    i havent read the last 3 or 4 pages of replies because it would take a few years to do so. but in my opinion, i think for italy to win or do well for the euro2004, there would have to be many changes. starting form managment, and the hierachy all the way down to the toilet and boot...
  4. Has Godot Finally Returned?

    i guess 20 goals for a support striker wasnt good enough for Agnielli. well, he'll get more this season, sont worry bout that!
  5. Juventus VS Atalanta

    i agree, losing more than 3 or 4 matches in a season will mean no scudetto for Roma or any other team who does.
  6. Juventus VS Atalanta

    we have a lot of players missing this weekend. But i'm guessing that Tudor and Davids missing this game will mean that they will play against Feyernood mid week. And Lippi's comments on Salas are great as well as it looks liek he is still planning on that 3 attackers of di vaio, del piero...
  7. Our squad

    we have to remember that a lot of players like Tacchinardi and Zalayeta have been bench players and have never really started and stayed on for the whole game. I believe that your goal scoring should go on playing time instead of games. that would be very interesting to see, and it doesnt...
  8. Our midfield

    i like Dajed's team, but as someone already mentioned, nedved taking the whole wing doesnt work. IMO he has to play on the left wing, with a full back to cover the defensive side. However, getting a player like Dalmat, who in my opinion is the closest young talent to Zidane, would be...
  9. Our Cl opponents

    Feyernood will be hard for us i feel. tricky team to play against. Newcastle is a hard team. They play well at St.James park, even though Barca pumped them preseason, it will still be hard. And they have good players like Lua Lua, Shearer and that young guy who i cant think of at the...
  10. Our midfield

    i think its just going to depend on what formation Lippi wants. The pre-season has seen Lippi try different things in the middle and i personally feel that maybe a 3 man midfield with a 3 man attack could be a huge possiblity for juve. IMO we havent got an abundance of so called world class...