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Thread: Sami Khedira

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hustini View Post
    Khedira: ‘Couldn’t sleep after Korea’
    By Football Italia staff

    Germany midfielder Sami Khedira calls his World Cup performances “inexplicable” especially as “I had probably the best season of my life” at Juventus.

    The World Cup holders have been knocked out at the Group Stage, losing 2-0 to South Korea on Wednesday to finish bottom.

    Khedira played in both matches they lost, while he was dropped for their solitary win over Sweden.

    “None of us players reached the tournament in top condition, but I don’t want to criticise my teammates,” Khedira told Bild.

    “My performances were inexplicable. In Turin I had probably the best season of my life, then I came to Russia and played so badly against Mexico and Korea.

    “It’s never happened to me before and I have to figure out why it did. It’s right to criticise me and my teammates.

    “I tried to sleep but I couldn’t, I kept waking up over and over again. I feel a lot of pain and it still hasn’t sunk in, even now.

    “It’s unbearable for me that the tournament will last another two weeks while we’ll stay at home. I’m sorry for the fans who supported us, I just want to say sorry.”
    Somebody really wants a new contract

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAiDEViL View Post

    ...Not to mention it's been 0:0 when Löw subbed Sami and went all gung ho by basically giving up the midfield.
    Quote Originally Posted by zizinho View Post
    you realize they were just as crap vs Sweden and only won because of a last minute magic moment by Kroos?
    Heh, ok, busted. I admit I havent watched any of Germany's games, I was working during South Korea and travelling during the first two. I got like the last 20-25 mins vs Sweden, I thought they were not that bad or crap, they could have scored before last minute Kroos magic, but yeah, saying Sami cost them anything was not a correct statement. I guess both Mueller and the captain should take some blame, also Low now feels dumb for not picking the two players that could have made a difference, Sane and Wagner (who was top goalscorer in the qualification round, iirc), but that's for him to worry now. Germany doesnt have a striker of great, top quality and this is something that should have been adressed long before their game vs Mexico.

    And Sami, I would say it again, as much as I like him, he seems like he is not capable of producing solid and classy displays on a more regular basis, if we upgrade our midfield with another quality player and he stays as an experienced bench option, I dont know what to expect of him, he may come good when called upon, he may also totally crush and collapse and be an invisible jersey when on field. I hope he feels he's got a point to prove come season start and be as motivated as ever, otherwise we would end up with a mess as a first backup and a wish for our starting 3 to never get booked or injured, which we all know wont happen.

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    If he turns into our new sturaro (utility man who never plays) i think i can digest his renewal until next mercato

    Click the link please

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    Yes I'm not the pro-Sami guy but wouldn't mind him only as backup player. Reason I want him sold is Max loves the guy and might start him a lot. Looking probably at Can - Pjanic - Berna - Bent - Matuidi - Cuads? - Claudio at MF.

    He's not needed IMO. What club has been interested in Sami? Only talk of going anywhere seems to be coming from him and seems like with no suitors of course he wants to stay at Juve. Please Max, use sparingly.

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    It would be down the drain year for Marchisio if Khedira stays. So big no!

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    leave, save us funds for the GOAT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klovn View Post
    leave, save us funds for the GOAT

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