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Thread: Paul Pogba

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suns View Post
    now lets get him back for 60m
    Quote Originally Posted by Cronios View Post
    If i see him now, i will kiss his left cheek for Pjanic, his right cheek for Benatia and prolly a french kiss for Higuain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by j0ker View Post
    He is not smart and the dab got into his head, he never said anything bad about the club in the past and came back for visit a couple of times if am not mistaken. I would not be surprised if it happens, though it seems unlikely to me.
    The holiday note,, most here are taking it out of its context, i did not find it bad when he said it. Like if u work in a company, then change to another for 4 years, then come back to the first, and when asked about coming back, u said it is like i was in a holiday.

    Him saying La VS in this video is not a solid sign. It would be if it came from any other player except Pogba

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