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Appreciate the honesty of the last post.

The normal conclusion is that Israel will end up having a nuclear armed neighbour. It's a when, not if scenario and everyone who can rationalize the future knows it. Be it Iran or someone else. Making everything to stop that might not be such a great idea for the existence of the jewish people and the world, opposite of the jewish state.

The truth is Israel is playing 'the Game of Thrones' to the point where you 'either win or die'.
Not sure I agree with that conclusion,even so I hope the region will be at peace by then.

Regardless every decision taken to stop that eventuality from happening is taken as a calculated risk on a case by case basis, Israel isn't suicide . If the risks will outweigh the benefits Israel will do nothing. We have taken out the reactores in Iraq and Syria because it was safe to do so, we will not do it in Iran for example if it will end up threatening our existence in the long run.

For the last sentence, it seems like it as always been like that, had we lost in any war up till now we would have ceased to exist, just one nuclear missile on Israel would be enough as well. Our house words would be "never again" and I think it give a glimpse to the Israeli mentality behind all of this sadly, for better or worse