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Nov 29, 2003

Zambrotta backs Alex
Thursday 17 June, 2004

Italy’s Gianluca Zambrotta has defended teammate Alessandro Del Piero from mass criticism.

The latter wasn’t particularly impressive against Denmark on Monday but Zambrotta has backed his Juventus colleague.

"He is playing in a position which isn’t his and he’s not moaning about it," said the left-back.

"Alessandro is a second striker so he is having to run a lot more here on the left flank in order to be of use to the team.

"When you consider how much he has given to Juventus and Italy in the past, I think it is rather stupid to criticise him."

There were reports that Del Piero would have been replaced by Marco Di Vaio for the Sweden tie but that now looks unlikely.

Italy boss Giovanni Trapattoni is set to shelve that experiment with Francesco Totti likely to miss the game through suspension.

Meanwhile, Zambrotta also commented on the developments at his club with David Trezeguet set to stay.

"I already said that I thought he would," noted the left-back. "He is an important player for us now and will be in the future."

Zambrotta said little about the arrival of Fabio Capello as boss and the likely signing of Emerson.

"Capello? I’ve not spoken to him yet and I don’t know anything about Emerson," he concluded.

much credit to zambrotta for doing this. such a great player; a team player. its only right he defends del piero who definitely has recieved unfair criticisms.

i hope zambrotta stays with juve FOR LIFE! one of our favourite players, im sure. ive never heard a juve fan complain about how zambrota acts, or plays, in these past couple of seasons.

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Jul 20, 2002
There is two ways of looking at this story, great players shouldnt have to be defended in this way. Its time for Del piero to deliver and not just talk about it, his great form and all.
Aug 26, 2003
Zambo well done!! I think it is unfair critism of del Piero! but also Kweku is right del Piero must no and has maybe the best Chance ever (Totti banned) to show how good he is!!

forza alex et zambo


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Jul 28, 2002
well, rambo zambo has become my fav juve player, even more so than the legendary ezno and dp, and he is also a great man who works for the team, who can play anywhere and still kick ass....he better get the number 7 shirt next year, maybe the armband as well.
Aug 1, 2003
I agree, he is shite!!! :extatic: :extatic:


On the subject though, zambro clearly wasn't shite, I loved it everytime he works to get a cross in, hard worker he is, but looking at the games I can't help but feel insecure at times... He could be at times easily challenged on the left flank, I think he needs to work a bit more on his defensive skills. It's not bad or anything, I just think he should improvise

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