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Day Walker
Jul 28, 2003
Juve will have alot of work on their hands in the summer transfer.Moggi promised that he will bring the best to juve.He wants to give coach more options than the one's he had.

I think we should bring in Matteo Ferrari from Parma.He is one of the best Defenders in Seria A this season.He is a rock in defence.He is also in the Azzuri and he is a second choice for coach Trapatoni(after canavaro and nesta ofcourse).

I think this is the most place we would have to work on.1st we would have to bring back Manuele Blasi as a defensive midfielder.He is a very very very tough midfielder,that gives the best offesive midfielders a hard time.He would be a rock in midfield.A rock that we need.
2nd is an offensive midfielder.We can get Mark Jankulovski.He has impressed over the last two seasons in Udinese.

Offence:Zlatan Ibarhimovic is my forst choice for offence.He is a very player.Tall and very talented.He is also very strong.

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Mar 10, 2004
Yeah i agree with you especially about Zlatan, he is very good player and he is from my country but he has Sweden passport so he is playing for Sweden selection :(

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