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Sep 1, 2017
If that happens then perhaps we're not good enough? The squad we have does have its weaknesses, it's not perfect

Let's have 2019 attack with 2015 midfield and 2017 defense then we're set. Zidane is the cherry on top
This, basically.

Juve has always lacked something in the last five years. We had no width and a limited attack in 2015, and our midfield was not good enough in 2017. Our 2019 squad is probably the most complete Juventus team this century, and we still lack a true b2b attacking midfielder.

We can’t quite string that perfect complete squad together like Bayern Munich did in 2013.


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Jan 14, 2014
We need proper good midfield.
I am not certain how good of a coach is ZZ, but at least one of those Madrid cups must be on his part.
Besides I am tired of the scared approach to CL with Allegri.


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Nov 9, 2005
If we cant get Zidane they will sign Inzaghi or that Roma dude.

Ronaldo might lure Zidane though.

Btw Zidane doesnt speak english. The chelsea link is largely media bs. Abramovich might even sell the club cause he cant enter uk for some visa bs and his pissed at that. Also not spending as much these days. We still offer better squad than Chelsea who will be in europa league. Hazars leaves in summer and he has to start David Luiz and Zappacosta there. Chelsea are in a huge mess. Zidane wont find success there.

We here are a top midfield signing away from success. Maybe he can also bring Isco here or smth.

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