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Nov 16, 2001
I promised Fliakis to make a serious attempt to like Radiohead during two weeks. Now it has been at least two weeks since so I think so it is time for my examination.
Well I started with a number of songs from "ok computer". Karma Police, Parnoid android and Exit music. The only one I'd heard before was Karma police. I didn't become really fond of any of 'em so I tried some more but I didn't find any really great ones, but Creep was pretty good.
I can tell that this is a pretty original band with a pretty own type of music. That type of music doesn't fit me though, I think it is mostly annoying. The singers voice is sometimes irritating.
A possible reason for that I didn't like them is that I am into Punk and hip-hop right now. Plus that I am very filled with other bands on the rock front such as Pearl jam, U2, Verve, Oasis and a lot more bands.

So no Radiohead fan here, anyone who likes 'em?

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Jul 12, 2002
I like them.

Try "No Surprises", "Fake Plastic Trees" and "Airbag". I would really like to hear your opinion on them :)


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Jan 31, 2003
well, it sounds like you have only heard 3 albums. the first three.

have you tried Kid A, Amnesiac and now Hail to the Thief? Kid a and Amnesiac are totally different to the others and boast more weirdness. but they are still great and i suppose it does grow on you.

When i first heard Radiohead way back in 'The Bends' days, i didnt like it at first. but after hearing it a few times, it grew on me until i was listening to it everyday. Then when Ok Computer came out, i just loved it from the off.

Zambrotta, if you havent heard the other albums, it might be worth while and like i said, you have to listen to it a lot more.

i dont know, maybe you need to be music orientated as in play an instrument or something in order to like it. i have noticed a lot of my friends dont like it and dont play instruments etc...

anywayz, they are my fav band.


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