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May 4, 2004
Youthful Juve make history

Juventus have won the prestigious Viareggio youth tournament for the third successive year.

No other club had previously managed such an achievement in the competition’s 57-year history until this afternoon’s 2-0 win over Genoa.

Goals from Bianco and Volpato, nicknamed the ‘New Del Piero’ since his summer arrival from Padova, made sure the Old Lady won their fifth Coppa Carnevale.

Maccabi Haifa of Israel came third after they beat Inter, who lost in the semi-final to Juve, on penalties earlier today.



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Jan 31, 2003
and yet we havent seen any of the players make it through, not even on bench for the seniors. You would think at least some may warm the bench and get a chance to prove themselves.


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Nov 10, 2003
I dont think there's any home grown player that make it in the senior squad there any?


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Jun 24, 2003
The fact is that these players still don't have the experience to play for juventus. The same goes for milan and inter players. Other teams can afford to let some of them mature in the first team.

But I'd like to see some of them in the A team (for example Masiello, Criscito, Luci, Bentivoglio, Volpato). We already have 2 primavera defenders (Masiello and Criscito) in the CL list.. let's hope they will get a chance to prove themselfs.

Some pics:

I EVEN have some of the names&numbers (so maybe u can recognize them in the pics ;)) Unfortunately I haven't found the all of them..
1 - Avitabile, 2 - Di Ponzo, 4 - Marchisio, 5 - Masiello, 6 - Criscito, 8 - Luci, 9 - Volpato, 14 - Bianco, 16 - Bettega, 17 - De Ceglie, 18 - Arigò, 20 - Bentivoglio. The trainer of the 2004 and 2005 victories is Chiarenza. The one that won the Viareggio in 2003 was Gasperini (that now trains Crotone, in Serie B)


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Jun 25, 2003
++ [ originally posted by m_elayyan ] ++
i wonder why there is no stars get from youth team in juve like Ajax
yes, let us play like Ajax, get thrown out of the CL and finish 2nd in the dutch competition.


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Aug 1, 2002
I see you're all full of praise for our youth squads. However, however...

Most Serie A and B clubs, less powerful and funded than we are, quickly integrate anyone that looks promising to their professional core, which consequently weakens the youth teams, right? Us, on the other hand, we don't do that. We do ransack our youths --because we'd rather field proven players, rightly or wrongly so (that's another debate altogether). I think the sheer worth of this competition and that of our youth sector needs to be relativized. Don't you?...

Adrian: Didn't Volpato get a game with the senior squad earlier this season? I'm pretty sure he did.

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