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Jul 28, 2003
1. Juventus
2. Ajax
3. chelsea (used to be, but now.. don't really care)
4. Boca Junior
5. Al Wasl (UAE, Dubai)
6. Shimizo espulse (japan) I've seen some of their matches last couple of years and was really amazed..


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Jul 27, 2002
Plexus man!!!
LOL!!! U never stop amazing, when U start typing fav. teams!!!! ;)

in your profile U have written fav. teams Perspolis and here
U write Estehglal!!!! :D

for ppl. that don't know much about Iranian Pro League.
Perspolis and Esteghlal are the two teams of the capital.
During the last two years other citys has done great to catch up and actually pass the corrupted capital teams....

also I think Esteghlal is #1 (alone or equal with other team) in the statistic to win the Asian form of C.L. while Perspolis has the most league wins!

The derby matches are a sight that is really impressive with a crowd
over 100 000 ppl.
Jul 12, 2002
1. Juventus
2. FC Barcelona
3. Ajax Amsterdam
4. Arsenal
5. Bayer Leverkusen
6. Rangers
7. Sporting Lisbon
8. Olympique Marseille
9. Bestikas
10. Cruzeiro
11. River Plate
12. Brisbane Strikers
13. Columbus Crew
14. Sutrm Graz
15. BSC Young Boys
16. Olympiakos
17. Sparta Prague
18. Lokomotiv Moskow
19. Viking FK
20. Fulham


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Jul 17, 2002
hesitating to name another team besides juve.. ;)

I'd probibly stop supporting AC Milan if Maldini leaves, and Valencia if Aimar leaves....dont know yet...

I still support Chelsea even though Zola left and i Still support River even after Aimar and then D'Alessandro left.


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Jul 14, 2002
1. Juventus FC

I don't support any other teams but I love to watch teams who play attractive football such as Roma and Chelsea.


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Jul 17, 2002
1. Juventus FC
2. Real Madrid FC
3. AC Milan
4. Chelsea FC
5. Olympique de Marseilles
6. BvB
7. Ajax Amsterdam
8. Persijatim Solo FC


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Jun 8, 2003
Italy--any teams which can beat Roma and Milan for me
Spain--any teams which can beat Real Madrid
England--any teams which can beat ManU

I don't really care about other leagues. I don't even pay attention to my local Hong Kong League


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Dec 13, 2002
I don't really have time for other teams than Juve, but here's who I like these days...

Manchester City (England)
Valencia (Spain)
River Plate (Argentina)
Ajax (Holland)
Lyngby (R.I.P :touched: ) (Denmark)
FC København (Denmark)

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